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Proportion Rummy Equivalent fractions can be a difficult concept to master. This card game provides a fun way to practice an important math skill. All you need is a deck of playing cards, paper, and pencils, and you're ready to get started!

Proportion Activity using juice and soda - Dan Meyer has several videos to solve real world math problems.

Are you ready to engage your students while teachingRatios and Proportional Reasoning? This Interactive Notebook Bundle is aligned to Common Core and contains over 90 pages of lessons, sample pictures and practice just for your classroom.

Unit Rate: Real life math ~ Students use real prices on various products found in stores and use unit rates to determine the better deal.

Great Math Project! From Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher: Scaling Up Candy Wrappers. Check out her blog!

This is such an important quote to share with your class.

Math = Love: Foldable Love (WAY into our future- but the math teacher in me couldn't resist the pin)

How far away from the Sun is Neptune? Why, 224 sheets of toilet paper away! This great activity from Beakers and Bumblebees uses strips of toilet paper to make a scale model of our solar system -

Percents and Proportions Foldable (Outside) I'm teaching this the same way my Algebra 1 teacher taught me: "Is over of equals percent over one hundred."

4mula Fun! :): Ratios and Proportions Introduction Needed for better explanations for next year!

Heart Rate Math: Ratios & Proportions Activity with STEM Career Connection. Students learn about heart rate and the importance of this number in sports medicine. They compute their own heart rate after various activities and graph the results. They calculate the target heart rate and answer critical thinking questions. Perfect for middle school math!

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Ratios Fold it Up!

Ratios- great intro video to show your class before your start teaching about ratios.

Math = Love: Pre-Algebra Road Trip Project teaches older & gifted kids how to understand the concept of proportions.

This foldable is organized into three tabs. 1. What is interest? (explanation & formula) 2. Examples solving for interest 3. Examples solving for p,r, or t. This is the perfect item to add to an interactive notebook and is a great study tool!

Resource: PROPORTION (Principle Binder Notes)

MATH Group Teaching/Individual Work Strategy - Foldable: Compare terms and keeping track of multiple steps or vocabulary words can be more organized in a foldable. These foldables can be kept in the classroom, in a folder, glued inside of a notebook or store in a student's file. (Grades 2 - 12) Found on Pinterest.

Ratio vocabulary cards. Other vocabulary cards can be found here too!

Percent Proportions Flippable to help students set up Percent Proportions and perfect for Interactive Notebooks

7th Grade Math Interactive Notebook - Maria Gonzalez - Picasa Web Albums

This is a cute activity for middle schoolers learning about scale drawings. The goal is to take 2 pictures on small grids and draw them on a large...