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Proportion Rummy Equivalent fractions can be a difficult concept to master. This card game provides a fun way to practice an important math skill. All you need is a deck of playing cards, paper, and pencils, and you're ready to get started!

Rates and Percents Stations! Get your students out of their desks and up and moving by disguising a worksheet as stations! Students will move around the room solving twenty questions about ratios, unit rates, finding percents of numbers, discounts, and sale prices. Directions for suggested use, 21 station cards, student answer sheet, and answer key provided. Five anchor activities related to the topic are included on the 21st station card for early finishers who need a challenge.

Math Task Cards Creating Proportions -- These 26 math task cards focus on Grades 6 and 7 Common Core skills: Ratios & Proportional Relationships. Students will enjoy the fun, colorful cards while creating proportions with the given numbers on each card. You will also receive a student response form and answer key.

Proportion Activity using juice and soda - Dan Meyer has several videos to solve real world math problems.

Heart Rate Math: Ratios & Proportions Activity with STEM Career Connection. Students learn about heart rate and the importance of this number in sports medicine. They compute their own heart rate after various activities and graph the results. They calculate the target heart rate and answer critical thinking questions. Perfect for middle school math!

Percents and Proportions Foldable (Outside) I'm teaching this the same way my Algebra 1 teacher taught me: "Is over of equals percent over one hundred."

This activity gives students word problems that involve setting up and solving proportions and unit rate problems. It's a wonderful way to incorporate fun into the classroom! Use it as a quick assessment tool, a homework assignment, or even something for the kids to do after a test.

The ABCs of Art- Learn about the principle of proportion in design and art.

Algebraic Proportions Dice Game - A partner collaboration activity that practices solving proportions that result in distribution and variables on both sides.

This activity consists of twelve proportion problems for students to solve. Students will only work with whole numbers to solve these proportions. This activity can be used for practice, as a review, as a math center, or as an assignment choice for differentiating proportion lessons. An answer key is included. CCSS 6.NS CCSS 7.NS

proportions - I don't like the cross multiplication, but I like the idea of giving a student a newspaper ad to put in their notebooks

Percent Proportions Flippable to help students set up Percent Proportions and perfect for Interactive Notebooks

Middle and high school students enjoy color by number worksheets. If you've never used this type of assignment before, give it a try! This activity consists of 12 diagrams of similar figures. Students use proportions to find missing measurements. This can be used for practice, as a review, or as an assignment choice for differentiation.

(Digital/multimodal) This is a website that has all kind of board-games for 7th grade on ratios and proportions. *

7th Grade Math Interactive Notebook - Maria Gonzalez - Picasa Web Albums

How to understand your proportions and dress for your style | from lostinaspotlessmi...

Artists have known for centuries that the average human adult body is made from parts that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. If you draw your figures according to these ratios, your finished work will look more natural.

Your Choice!!! Formal Assessment, Worksheets, Task Cards. Questions are aligned precisely to the common core math standard. Each page contains at least 4 questions for each of the 3 common core math standards in THREE different formats. 7.RP Ratios and Proportional Relationships