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Puffy Paint Designs

Puffy Paint! 1/2 cup flour 2 tsp baking powder 2 tsp salt food coloring Add water to make a smooth paste. Paint on cut-out cardboard squares. After you have created your design, microwave on high for 10 - 30 seconds until the paint puffs and it's all nice and dry. We did ours for 30 seconds.

Puffy fabric paint on canvas. Either paint canvas before- one solid color- and use contrasting color of puffy paint, or paint the whole thing one color for a textured look after puffy paint is dry. Love it!!

Print out designs on white paper and put under wax paper. Use puffy paint to trace the images. Let dry and remove slowly. - Nessa

Trace design onto wax paper with puffy paint. Dry overnight and peel carefully. Window cling for any season!

DIY-So Easy Puffy paint art - shown is a DIY headboard but I can think of dozens of other applications for embossed designs like this. Great idea for ceilings in dollhouse to look like metal ceiling. Forget the doll house. This could make those ugly ceiling tiles look amazing. It would take some time but that's all I've got is time. Maybe not this exact design but we could look for stencils

Trace design onto wax paper with puffy paint. Dry overnight and peel carefully. Window cling!

A Mehendi inspired design - Tall mugs painted with sponge technique and puffy paint

Use puffy paint to add a design to a jar, and spray paint over it. Wish I would have thought of this before I finished painting a dozen jelly jars.

Design with puffy paint on a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby. Paint, then wax. SUPER cheap project!

Puffy paint is made by mixing equal parts Flour, Salt, and Water and adding food coloring or tempura paint in desired colors. You can also add glitter! The result is awesome and really fun for kids to work with! It will dry into a raised work of art! For an added element of fun, you can put the puffy paint into squeeze bottles, and because it is so thick, using utensils such as a fork to rake through it to make designs is fun too!

Use Krylon Fusion spray paint as a base. Then regular acrylic paints/paint pens/puffy paint for the design. In between paint coats, spray or brush on some modgepodge. After it's all dry, put on some clear polyurethane varnish (but be careful! It emits terrible fumes and is only removable with paint thinner).