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Puffy Paint Designs

Rusty relief paintings on scrapbook covers. Super easy DIY...and beautiful! alisaburke.blogsp...

Trace design onto wax paper with puffy paint. Dry overnight and peel carefully. Window cling for any season!

DIY - raised letters for craft projects: print out the font you want and place wax paper over it. then use puffy paint and trace. let it dry then use mod podge to secure them.

Henna design on canvas using fabric paint and resin

Design with puffy paint on a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby. Paint, then wax. SUPER cheap project!

Cool stocking stuffer idea- puffy paint designed socks, no slip grip

candles - stencils or puffy paint designs. Love color combo w/mirror backdrop

Christmas crafts from beads OR USE PUFFY PAINT TO MAKE DESIGN

making 'window clings' with puff paint - simply draw design atop plastic/ziploc bag (if tracing image is needed, place pic under plastic), let dry completely, peel off & decorate :)

puffy painted designs onto painted letters

iLoveToCreate Blog: pretty painted gift boxes *How cute these are! Design opportunities abound ;-)*

Foil over puffy painted designs on card board letters! So cute!

Can Herb Garden | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Puffy Paint + Pumpkins = Fancy looking pumpkins! I love them! Put on puffy paint design, dry, spray paint one color.

Paint And Puffy Paint On Canvas. Paint. 2 sharpie paint pens at 2 bucks a piece. Puffy Paint. I bottle for a dollar. Canvas. 2 for 4 bucks. So for about 10 bucks I have two homemade wall canvases. Draw the design on in pencil. Color it in with the paint pens. Then outline in puffy paint. Done! So creative. So unique. So easy! And so cheap too. :)

School spirit door decs, made these for the beginning of the year. Foam cut-out jerseys/shirts with puffy paint designs and lettering.

Puffy paint design on canvas for wall art in the library. Use colored paint to highlight decor colors.

Puffy Paint designs on pumpkins

Drawing Dough Recipe (just flour, salt, water, and tempera paint) - A cross between paint and dough, this delightful concoction is fun to squeeze out into puffy, colorful designs. As it dries, the salt in the dough crystallizes, leaving behind a glittering abstraction that, like a Rorschach inkblot, is open to interpretation.

puffy paint designs - Google Search

The timeless and playful polka dot gets its name from a dance, so what better way to sport its fun & flair than on a pair of cute dancin’ shoes. To create, find the perfect pair of blank ballet flats. Follow the curve and lines of the shoe as you use puffy paint to dot a design.  Step out in style as you DIY your way into your own personal dotted heaven!

Draw a design on a canvas with Elmer's glue, then paint and hang on the wall for an instant pizzazz in your dorm.