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Puppy Proposal

OMG... I wouldnt have even had to be asked! So cute. In the small picture I thought this harness was a ring! Can you imagine being proposed to with a new puppy and a beautiful ring!? No good woman has the heart to say no to a puppy ;)

I want to see this on a big fluffy puppy one day with the ring attached. Awesome. I need to propose to myself...

"He proposed by giving me a new puppy wearing this dog tag" Shut upppp, too precious!- want!

Puppy with ring Proposal. Omg I would die. We're getting a new puppy due to come home on valentines day too. Hint hint!

A William and Mary love story complete with a surprise proposal, cute puppy, and mini-engagement session!

Puppy proposal. Change the puppy to a Saint Bernard

I would looooooove to be proposed to with a puppy and a ring

My future husband better get me a puppy, put my wedding ring around its collar, make a tag like this, and propose to me. Dream come freakin true.

Dog save the date picture. Omg... French bulldog along with a marriage I think I'm in heaven.... Propose to me with a French bulldog puppy and I just might die!!!

omg this is precious. This is why a puppy needs to happen with the proposal.

The internet is trying to kill me with cuteness!! A PUPPY PROPOSAL!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! How in the WORLD could you say no to that?!?!

The Proposal~♛.. I would DIE if my boyfriend did this since our puppy is our baby!

hint. this is how I want to be proposed to :) I may be more excited about the puppy than the ring. fair warning.


Such a cute story... the bar is set pretty high, guys! Proposed with a love note on the puppy♥

Being proposed to with a puppy walking in randomly with a ring tied in a bow on his head....uhhhh holy shit I would die

This is a good way to propose. Helped a young man do this for his proposal went perfectly. He said the puppy was the new start of a new life and something that was just for them. When they married, the puppy was then a dog and was part of the wedding. Perfect!

omg this is precious. This is why a puppy needs to happen with the proposal.

Cute proposal, I want my boyfriend to get me a puppy and use it as a proposal, that would be great because I would be getting married and I would have a puppy