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Puppy Proposal

hint. this is how I want to be proposed to :) I may be more excited about the puppy than the ring. fair warning.

This is a good way to propose. Helped a young man do this for his proposal went perfectly. He said the puppy was the new start of a new life and something that was just for them. When they married, the puppy was then a dog and was part of the wedding. Perfect!

A new puppy and a new ring... Will you marry us? Perfect proposal... Give her the puppy and ring of her dreams from the man of her dreams.

diamond ring + puppy = best proposal on earth!! My friends are in change of telling my future husband this!!

Cute proposal, I want my boyfriend to get me a puppy and use it as a proposal, that would be great because I would be getting married and I would have a puppy

Cutest proposal idea EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!! (I would want it to be a puppy!)

If a guy proposed to me with a tub of ice cream, a puppy, and a princess cut diamond ring around its neck I couldn't do anything but say yes. haha

"Of course I said yes! My new puppy and the ring!"--omg dream way of being proposed to!

CUTEST PROPOSAL EVER! PUPPY PROPOSAL ... He Wants to Know If You Will Say Yes... CUSTOM Upcycled Vintage Dog Tag - Marry Me Pet Tag on Etsy, $22.00

haha made me smile... Do you think you can get cats to sit still with a sign around them? :-P

Dog save the date picture. Omg... French bulldog along with a marriage I think I'm in heaven.... Propose to me with a French bulldog puppy and I just might die!!!


Perfect proposal: Tie the ring around his collar. She thinks she is getting a puppy then when she discovers the ring drop to one knee! So precious! OMG I WOULD DIE!!!!

Tying the engagement ring on an adorable puppy for a surprise proposal!

Samoyed Puppy from the proposal!

Puppy from the Proposal!!

Cutest proposal except change the cat for a black lab puppy

After I saw "The Proposal" I almost bought an American Eskimo puppy