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Puppy Proposal

I doubt my dogs would be able to stay still for this kind of thing. Still cute though. Dog proposals.

Proposal in a christmas tree farm! So sweet!!

This might be a cute idea to put on two puppies as a way to tell family. Be like look they got new doggy tags and have one say "daddy proposed to mommy" and the other say "she said yes".. Or something like that. :)

omg this is precious. This is why a puppy needs to happen with the proposal.

He proposed with the ring tied around the puppy ! It's a win win situation

I want to see this on a big fluffy puppy one day with the ring attached. Awesome. I need to propose to myself...

Cute proposal, I want my boyfriend to get me a puppy and use it as a proposal, that would be great because I would be getting married and I would have a puppy

Cutest proposal idea EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!! (I would want it to be a puppy!)

English Cream (white) Golden Retriever Puppy

American Eskimo Puppy... I think I need one of these! Like Kevin from The Proposal haha

Puppy Proposal!!!!

This is a good way to propose. Helped a young man do this for his proposal went perfectly. He said the puppy was the new start of a new life and something that was just for them. When they married, the puppy was then a dog and was part of the wedding. Perfect!

Diamond ring + puppy = best proposal on earth! Well now I have the puppy ;)

My future husband better get me a puppy, put my wedding ring around its collar, make a tag like this, and propose to me. Dream come freakin true.

A new puppy and a new ring... Will you marry us? Perfect proposal... Give her the puppy and ring of her dreams from the man of her dreams.


"Of course I said yes! My new puppy and the ring!"--omg dream way of being proposed to!

Dog save the date picture. Omg... French bulldog along with a marriage I think I'm in heaven.... Propose to me with a French bulldog puppy and I just might die!!!

The internet is trying to kill me with cuteness!! A PUPPY PROPOSAL!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! How in the WORLD could you say no to that?!?!

hint. this is how I want to be proposed to :) I may be more excited about the puppy than the ring. fair warning.

For three days during finals week, students at Dalhousie University in Canada can spend some quality time with PUPPIES, brought in by Therapeutic Paws of Canada. "It fills a niche that people need right now because students are superstressed," says Michael Kean, an environmental science student who first proposed the idea.

OMG... I wouldn't have even had to be asked! So cute. In the small picture I thought this harness was a ring! Can you imagine being proposed to with a new puppy and a beautiful ring!? No good woman has the heart to say no to a puppy ;)