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Perfect blend of purple and dark and I want !!!

Purple red hair

purple red hair color - Google Search

red and violet highlights | Purple highlights w/ a red purple base | Hair. i want this color

  • Dani Lotz

    Any idea about what color was used for the base color??

Very dark hair with auburn. Maybe for next winter, this year I'm happy rocking the purple and red.

This is want I really want for my hair. The color would be awesome but I'm stickin with purple/red. But the cut I would love ♥

So my hair is now red and will be for a while but I'm thinking I need to try purple next ^_^ maybe sometime next year!

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These are too cute! Maybe I'll dye my hair purple instead of red the next go round?

Crazy cool. Pink eyebrows are good if they are darker than the hair color as shown. Also they are within the same pink family - no purple or red tones. Also dark brown to ash looks fab too!

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Enjoyed the pic ..Beautiful short messy red bob hair cut with an eye catching hint of purple. hairstyles

Dark(dark red, brown, black or very dark purple that almost looks black) Hair Underneath Blonde this cut too. Oh How I wish I could do this

@Megan Long I think I might go purple as my next colour. Would you prefer I have purple, red, or a natural colour hair to your wedding?

  • Megan Long

    Purple it might be a bit much

  • Megan Long

    Ya it might be a little crazy lol I think you will look good with it but with all the other

  • Ashley Pfingsttag

    Yeah purple might be too much purple going on

  • Megan Long

    Red or natural is fine I just haven't seen purple yet but I'm sure it will look fine idk do whatever you want! Just want you too look nice!

fall hair color 2014 | Hair Color Ideas For Fall 2014 Instead of the Red I want a dark purple I think!!

Purple red hair! I LOVE, but I know my husband is ready for something a little more NORMAL!! ;)

DIY Toner: 2 Cups Vinegar 1/4 teaspoon Purple Food Coloring (I use this neon version cause I want it to be vibrant) *Or if you are a redhead and want to bring the punch back into your color use red food coloring! After your conditioning take your rinse and poor it down your hair. Massage it in to evenly distribute. Rinse with water.

Short Hairstyle. A-line bob haircut with a purple red hair color highlights

How to repair damaged hair overnight ... this stuff really works... if you know me personally.. you know i always change my hair sometimes over night. I go from black to blonde, or purple to bright red then to silver white... lol deep conditioning is the ONLY reason why my hair hasn't fallen out ^_^

Love this hair color! Aloxxi Hair Color Personality Treasure of Trieste® | red hair | redhead | purple-red hair | hair inspiration | long hair | wedding hair | beach waves

Bright red hair with the purple... AMAZING!!!

Red with purple streaks! I like the cute too, but it might be too short. Edgy bob; layered throughout the back to make her thick hair more manageable, and razor cut throughout the front.

Beautiful hair color. Red/purple hair dye.

Fun hair color ombre purple red blonde

red on black... REALLY need to get my hair done! Gotta get my FIXX on with my crazy hairstylist Joline!

Purple Red Hair Ideas.. love dem waves