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Red Houses

| bedroom | reconciling my love of canopy beds with the bed i already own, Bailey Quin McCarthy, Chicago House, Clifford -- The Big Red House

Can I have a bungalow in the Big City AND a little red cottage in the forest? Pretty please?

“The turnkey kitchen sold us on the house,” says Emily. With white cabinets, black soapstone countertops, and a space-smart layout, the only update it needed was a new backsplash. The foot-long subway tiles “really highlight the gray grout,” she says. She found the 1930s match-light Magic Chef enamel stove at an antiques shop for $180 and had it restored to like-new condition.

A Cottage at Its Peak- A Cottage at Its Peak- My dream home would be this style of cottage. I love that there would be plenty of light with all the windows. I would want the color to be a soft, light grey or maybe a light aqua with a welcoming red on the front door.

Possibly the best post on laundries in the history of the internet | 51 Wonderfully clever laundry room design ideas |

Another red house. Think it would need to be mellowed with some gray mixed into it.

Pretty red house this is so inviting on a snowy day with a warm fire going and candles in every window.

Really like the bench on the porch idea . . and the pavers surrounding the house . . .would make yard work a bit easier . . .

DESDE MY VENTANA - red windows on a white house. Red barn out back! I could have chickens here.

cob house with tree and glass bottles... as long as they let in light :) decorative and functional

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Red House i would change out the colour of the home for sure!!!!

Nothing beats sitting on a front porch with a glass of sweet tea in hand during the summer. Let Jeff Ganger remodel the outside of your home to look like this, or if you have other ideas just give him a call and he can help meet your needs. 662-316-0450