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Rip Tattoo

Probably the only tattoo I will ever get. R.I.P older brother I miss you

I love the quality of antiquity these tattoos have, like they were ripped from some lavish grimoire.

not gonna lie if been thinking of getting a black cat tattoo for my kitty who passed :( RIP kikat

Bunny tattoo by DeadlyInk i just think this is cute i love stars and bunnies #t

US Army WWII Veteran memorial tattoo. Rip Pappaw.

Idea for my R.I.P tattoo for my granddaddy

Follow the Trend, Rainbow Tattoo Design as Your Choice: Rip Rain Bow Tattoo Design ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

This is pretty much my tattoo, except mine is a daisy for my cousin that has passed on RIP Jessie

I designed this gypsy head tattoo for Nerissa Ryan. Nerissa asked me to design her a gypsy head on the side, with a headscarf, few beads/brass and a couple of roses. Oh, and thick dark hair of course.Copyright Sam Phillips www.samphillips.c...

Tattoo of the coordinates to where my fathers ashes were spread in the Gulf of Mexico off of Florida. Seagulls represent the ocean. RIP Dad.

Today I had a 45m break in teaching due to a scheduling error on my end. I was going to do paper work, but then decided to go for a walk. On my way back I found a baby bird who wouldn't fly away when I came near. I managed to pick him up, find a spare box in my studio brought him to the vet across the street, who happend to be my childhood cats vet. The poor soul was put to rest around 4:30pm due to a broken neck. This is in honor of him, RIP little guy. *No matter how small a life is a life*

I love this saying

Daddy's Girl Memorial Tattoos | Tattoos on Tattoo Titled Rip Dad I Love U Found On Tattoorack Com

lace tattoo #lace #tattoo #ink Little something different other than the little flowers in it.

my breast cancer tattoo dedicated to my mother. RIP momma. the butterfly symbolizes the last words she said before she passed.

Memorial tattoo I want to get. Except it will have 8/24/39 to 5/16/12 as the dates and It will say RIP above daddy

I love the idea of claw marks ripping open to something underneath it!! Sort of an ode to the fact that what is outside someone is not necessarily what is inside! ; on back

Nice anchor...i wanna get one because my grandpa got an anchor out of the water one time that was old and now he is dead so that would be acool/good tattoo in memory of him (R.I.P phillip kenneson)

Kind of the idea i want for my tattoo..a least the skin ripped open part --ashley

I'll be getting a memorial tattoo for my Dad next month (April, for my bday). It will include the Colon Cancer Awareness ribbon somewhere in it! RIP Dad 01/06/1956-07/17/2009

pictures of tiger tattoos | Portrait tiger ripping through Tiger Tattoo

This will be my tattoo with a white ribbon for Lung Cancer... On my foot... RIP DADDY

Another Russian criminal tattoo rip off n the upper left /// Will_koffman_saint_james_tattooery_halloween_black_cat_classic_vintage_tattoo_design_sheet_flash_net.jpg (684×900)

Wonder Woman tattoo with skin rips