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I think this is really cool. I like that a figure is created by regular objects. He is also very robot like, which i really like. The top is the coolest part. Cool head! Ritchey The LockBot Recycled Metal Sculpture by GeargoyleMetalArt, $40.00

industrial robot TA-1600

battlesuit cutaway. 'RX Battle Suit' from the original 'Gunbuster' anime. Hard to believe the show is 20+ years old now!

i love robots ☮~ Retro ROBOT ❤ Vintage illustration, design and poster art.

....emmmm....elephant, crossed with a Steampunk 'Deadmau5'....maybe with a bit of a 'Bioshock' 'Big Daddy' added to the mix...K PS - NOT suitable for children. PPS - I better get on with finding some decent 'Bioshock' screen shots....ANOTHER empty promise...

Dia de los Robots starring c3po and r2d2. @Gabrielle Wiegand another way to get him into the basement?

61RL5 N 6UN5 - 13 by *aditya777 on deviantART, cyborg, cyberpunk, robot girl, future, futuristic, cyber girl, cyberpunk girl, cyborg girl