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How cool would it be to combine the two signs and put a diamond in the middle for an engagement ring? #zodiac

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Tattoos by Metacharis.devian... on @deviantART

#Scorpio will always rise again and again from their own ashes. They are the most regenerative sign of the zodiac. -- Sherene Shostak, #horoscope #astrology

I've ALWAYS wanted a scorpion (since I am a scorpio) but never went through with it because I was worried it wouldn't look feminine enough...this looks soooo nice though!

I don't usually believe in these things, but A. I have Celtic ancestors, B. I have always connected with foxes, C. I have a little dog who looks and acts so much like a fox that I call her my "Little Fox". Also, the description is pretty accurate.

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scorpio zodiac - LOVE THIS!!

Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo | Free designs - Tattoo of the female scorpio zodiac wallpaper

Scorpio tattoo ♏️Love the placement

jasmine dowling-- Use these, put them on a canvas and put twinkle lights through them

Scorpio tattoo~ Now that scorpio (M) sign looks very familiar! ;) LOL Oh yeah, my tattoo!

Scorpio Hearts tattoo design by Melanie Paquin

scorpio and gemini tattoos together | Zodiac Tattoos, Tattoo Designs Gallery - Unique Pictures and Ideas

Zodiac star constellation for wrist tattoo

Leo Tattoos: Who want to ink themselves with their zodiac signs and are looking for some ideas, here are a few suggestions.

This is great! But the earth signs need to be green and the air signs yellow...

This is the exact Scorpio tattoo that I want. Small, black and on the back of my heck where it can be easily hidden. One day... when I can get over my fear of needles... and germs. LOL

Scorpio tattoo, this is exactly what I want.. but bigger!

Going to combine Libra, Aries, and Gemini into one entwined tattoo... Just need to find an artist who can do it.

The zodiac sign allows for someone to prejudge based on the sign you are. People quickly become attracted to someone or dismisses them based on the sign the person is, which shows how powerful semiotics is.

typographic inspiration for spine tattoo. this might be the one.