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Scottish Fold Kitten...such a sweet expression.

Scottish Fold kitten. Seriously? I mean, is it really fair to be THAT cute???

Scottish fold kitten = Made of adorable. But then I expect that most things on this board will be.

sleek like a kitty missile....had to pin it just for the caption (whoever wrote it, thanks for the chuckle - and cute pic).

Meredith is Taylor Swift's Scottish Fold life would be complete with this little white scottish fold added to my family!

"We quickly discovered that 2 kittens were much more fun than one." --Allen Lacy

Sweet Scottish Fold kitten... OMG how cute is this guy?

Scottish Fold Kitten I'm getting one and naming him Henry noble

scottish fold kitten ♥ I want this kitty!!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ MOLLY-Scottish Fold kitten ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *

Scottish Fold Cat Litter Size Click to read

I am creeping up on you and you will never know!

Cute Scottish Fold Kitten

Young fury Scottish Fold kitten ---- I am a big dog person, but this little kitty is cute!!!!!

Blue Scottish Fold kitten....wearing a bowtie....♥

long haired scottish fold kitten . I would love a Scottish Fold baby in my home.

Me! I let da dogs out!

Cute Scottish Fold kitten.... "You Eated my Cookie?" ( I see we speak the same language...)

i really want a Scottish Fold kitten in the future! look how adorable their ears make them look!

Scottish Fold kitten.