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Sherlock Molly

Sherlock and Molly Hooper (ha...I don't think I've seen this pin before. The precise moment that Sherlock's phone "gasps" and Molly's priceless reaction! ~ SW)

I love this too much to not repin it again. The look on his face!

To be fair, though, he did have a lot of monologuing in The Sign of Three. It's much easier to learn lines when someone else shares time speaking. << yes

Sherlolly (say something i'm giving up on you... i'll be the one, if you want me to...)

No one can put Sherlock Holmes in his place like Molly Hooper. Always love Molly Hooper.

Sherlock and Molly, against the rest

Yessss! Great Mouse Detective crossover! I love that Molly's with them :)

Much of the fan flailing was due to some VERY unexpected moments, like Sherlock kissing Molly. | Tumblr Reacts To The "Sherlock" Season 3 Premiere

Sherlock BBC: Love this episode! It should win awards! I also love how Molly is one of the people he has in his mind to help him when no one else will:)

Sherlock. You've always counted.

Sherlock and Molly ..... I so wish this happened.

Molly being an absolute and utter HBIC... | Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"


Sherlock makes a friend, Loki makes an overture, Molly has a singular taste and John contemplates an intervention.

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Louise Brealey "And here's me at the front door. Helpfully, I'm pointing out the number."

I love Molly. She’s so ordinary; and yet she’s not a shallow character. I love this moment because Sherlock has just been outdone by little Molly Hooper, and he just stands there, speechless. I think this is when he finally realizes that she IS his friend. And he looks guilty for not seeing her before, for not admitting to himself that she DOES count.

Sherlock and Molly, or in other words, my OTP!!!

{why Molly rocks} the only person who can get him to HONESTLY apologize and feel bad for things :)

"What do you say we get out of here?" "Mr. Holmes, are you proposing we ditch our own wedding party?" "That is exactly what I'm proposing, Mrs. Holmes." "Well in that case, I accept." I don't ship Sherlolly but this is cute ;3

Sherlock and Molly, between Seasons 2 and 3 #Sherlolly....aww I want a guy who can harpoon spiders

28 Reasons To Worship Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From "Sherlock" I AM SCREAMING AGFLDLSVSIXOSLAX

"This is adorable. And don't make fun of me! But I like to think (even though their's nooooo way!) that Sherlock and Molly would get together and have a kid, and so would John and Mary, and John and Sherlock would be these über involved uncles.... DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME *covers face*" <---THIS

It could also include Moriarty, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Molly and Mycroft as part of an expansion pack. | "Sherlock" Lego Is So Close To Being A Real Thing

i love how they are so casual in their marriage, molly with her weird sweater and cat pants and her glasses, and sherlock in casual clothes, they are too cute