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Sherlock Molly

Sherlolly. OTP! OTP! It's the outfit she wore to the wedding and I wish they had danced and I cried when he left early.


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"The fake Sherlolly kiss... or how to troll an entire fandom." I STILL BELIEVE IN THIS.

Sherlock said this to Molly...I cried the whole way through this episode.

Sherlock Molly | Sorry, what? You have a girlfriend? (AU) ––– I SHIP SHERLOLLY OKAY. 100%. SO THIS IS BRILLIANT.

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Sherlock & Molly kissing lego. I would totally glue them together like that and put them on a shelf...

Sherlock. This video literally makes me cry every time I watch it. MOFFAT! Why do you do this to me???

Sherlock & Molly | Would You Fall Too? | I'm stuck between wanting to cry and wanting to flail wildly and squeal like a baby pterodactyl.....

  • Taylor Solis

    aww! I ship this more than Johnlock! in fact I don't ship John and Sherlock at all.

I said - focus! I nearly fell out of my chair wen she slapped him! Way to go Molly! Stand up for yourself!!!

Sherlock & Molly I'm Not Okay. Though I'm not sure who I like better for Sherlock, Molly or Irene, I just thought this was such a beautiful video.

Sherlock & Molly & baby makes three<==TOO FUNNY TO NOT PIN.....MUSTACHE......

look at them, they are such a couple. I will go down with this ship!!!!<--Seriously though! They were so cute together in these scenes!!

Teenager Sherlock - Molly ---- A kid who seriously grieves because he killed one of his imaginary friends has some mental issues. And the fact that that kid *would* be Sherlock makes me very sad.

Sherlock & Molly - Sherlolly

Sherlock & Molly - Sherlolly <-----YOU CAN SEE HEARTBREAK IN HIS EYES DO NOT TOUCH ME.

Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others won't know we want to do them.

Brilliant, but Phantom Sherlock needs to move that one hand either a bit higher or a bit lower.

Sherlock & Molly

"Hahaha I just love this so much. It conjures up unlikely images of Sherlock and Molly going scarf shopping and venting about their boyfriends." Pinning for the caption. YES for the epic winningness of all of this. Scarf shopping is the answer to everything.