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Shotgun Shell Boutonniere

shotgun shell boutonniere | rifle, boutonniere, shotgun shell boutonnieres, scabiosa pods, ferns ...

Navy Blue and Coral Casing Boutonniere by TheBackyardGardener, $13.50. maybe with shotgun shells?

Boutonnieres in shotgun shells. OMG this is great idea especially if their hunters or wedding at farm

Camouflage Wedding Boutonnieres by SimplyCountryCrafts on Etsy, $42.00... I would use something other than a white rose... maybe a shotgun shell?

Burlap and Lace Wedding shotgun shell boutonniere with brides cowboy boots

Shotgun Shell Boutonniere Seriously! why didn't I think of this! Why didn't u think of it???? Uh, maybe because it's tacky, cheap, informal, and inappropriate for a wedding, unless maybe you're a family member of the Hatfields or McCoys....

**Meredith's favorite -- shotgun shell boutonniere**

shotgun shell boutonnieres! | Nancy Ray

@ Brittany for Jimmy hahahahaha ;) Pink shotgun shell boutonniere

DIY Shotgun Shell Boutonniere

Anthony Brittany, Dark Horse Distillery, Lenexa KS, Wedding Photography | The Mullikin Studio Wedding details, Shotgun shell boutonniere

Shotgun Shell Boutonniere by ShotgunShellChic on Etsy, $5.00

Love the shotgun shell boutonniere!

Shotgun shell Boutonnière 's... sorry Kerry... I had to do it!

shotgun shell boutonniere | ... of CAMO: Online Store Items: Shot Gun Shell Boutonniere!! MADE IN USA - how to make them

shotgun shell boutonniere | Boutonniere designed in a spent shotgun shell

Shotgun Shell Boutonniere my Mom made for our wedding. The florist incorporated pheasant feathers with the flowers, as my husband loves bird hunting. #wedding

A shell case buttonhole - perhaps not very PC if you are in the UK (although in other countries I guess it might be thought of as more mainstream) but if you are someone who works with guns professionally or a keen (and licensed) hobbyist?

shot gun shell - somebody's got to be able to use this around here. Would be appropriate for a wedding tomorrow - the beginning of dove season.