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Skills and Knowledge After SHTF - Most Modern Day Skills Will be WORTHLESS in a Post-Collapse Society! Consider Learning These Other Skills to Survive...

Security, Hiding It In Plain Sight shtf, prepping,survival - Ok, yeah all of that too, but I am thinking this looks like a great way to store spice bottles and medicines in an RV so they don't bounce around everywhere and the visual clutter is reduced.

How to Get Free EpiPens! Finally - no more co-pays for EpiPens. You can have a set for school, a set for home, a set for grandma's house - all that you need for FREE! Click here for details and to sign up for the program.

Ten alternate uses for hand warmers - Preparing For SHTF

Step by step description and pictures to build your own Root Cellar - shtf shelter

  • Nadine Hurley

    I'd like one of these. Buy in bulk keep it for months. Especially when things are in season and inexpensive

Survival Bread: This bread will keep indefinitely and each loaf is the daily nutrients for one adult. Made me think of Lembas bread - something the elves would make (for you Lord of the Rings fans). "One small bite will fill the belly of a grown man."

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8 Snares And Traps You Need To Know How To Make - SHTF Preparedness

Easy Homemade Windmill Plans For Wind Power - Preparing For SHTF This is easy an it works!!!!

PET Balls. Made from dryer lint and petroleum jelly - the perfect eco-friendly fire-starter. #travel #gift #camping

How To Determine Remaining Daylight - Preparing For SHTF

How to Move About Post-SHTF Virtually Untouched: Make Yourself Look Diseased!

SHTF Medical Skill of the Day: How to make Chloroform (SHTF Surgery) Could you handle surgery without a sedative?

  • Scott Smith

    Haha... I'm sure chloroform isn't used anymore. Although, I'd rather be put to sleep with a soft cloth over my face than a needle..

  • Bailey Watkins

    Hahaha pinterest you amaze me

An evacuation plan in 12 boxes... BRILLIANT. 1. The 72- Hour Kit 2 Car Kit 3. Nuclear Kit (shudder) 4. Water Box 5. Portable office 6. Camping Box, 7 First Aid Kit, 8. Wardrobe, 9. Kitchen Box, 10. Pantry Box 11. Tool Box. 12. Library. (Article goes into detail about what to put in each box)

The Survival Doctor Ultimate Emergency Medical Infographic - Preparing For SHTF

All in one, solar powered charger, flashlight, radio, thermometer, .....

How To Hot Wire A Car When The SHTF - SurvivalistDaily.... (This is in no way an encouragement to go steal a car tonight. You can go to jail. Don't be stupid :P) #survival #shtf #bugout

How to get 2000ºF Solar Power This can purify water, instantly start a fire, melt metal, cook food and even melt concrete….

How to make your own injectable Lidocaine HCL - SurvivalistDaily....

2000+ Uses For WD-40 - SHTF Preparedness

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