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Dreamy mermaid Tattoo? This is the exact scene I want on the front side of my arm. It will totally match my pinup.

phoenix-I'd get this in watercolor orange, red, and yellow probably on my upper arm or side

of course Pamela Love designs the coolest jewelry and has the perfect tattoos

Cute best friend tattoo idea :) I like these I think I would but them on my side under my arm or my wrist.

Stunning Abstract and Realistic Rose Tattoos. Click for all pictures 10 is absolutely stunning!!!! back, ink, thigh, shoulder, hip, side, vine, lace, neck, floral, arm, sleeve, red, black, pink, bow, white, gray, green, leaves, butterfly

Moon & Sun - i like the idea of opposite sides of the body but not in this placement. Rather have on the tops of my feet.

I would never get a tattoo, but if I did, it'd be this, but with the birds starting from under my arm on the opposite side. omg.

Shoulder tattoo. Love the placement, swap the flowers out for the style of roses on my side and the scroll leafing.

Small Angel Wings Tattoo | Home » Arm Tattoos » Live and love feather tattoo on side breast... LOVE

See more Roaring 3D Tiger tattoo on full side body (the first tattoo I ever really liked was a tiger leaping out of long was beautiful.)

Floral black and grey decorative tattoo on woman's hand side / floral tattoo on woman's arm. See more handpicked tattoo ideas at

I don't normally like stereotypical tattoos like this but this could potentially have meaning for my life

Definitely a bit on the disturbing side, this bio-mechanical arm tattoo is a Stunning work of Art!

side wrist tattoo. One out of outside of my arm, why not the next on the outer inside ?!

Dream Catcher Represented. Placing- Left Side of Body, Directly Under Arms Shadow.

Cute for wrist maybe.

Abstract Rose Tattoo. Placement would be good on rib, lower back, side and arm. Loves so perfect!!

Tattooed on Kyle Hockenberry's side are the words "For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice". He lost both legs and his left arm while serving our country in Afghanistan, and I had the pleasure of attending the benefit concert put on by Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band. If you click the link, you'll see some of my pics from the show. It was a night of true inspiration. Thanks for all you do, men and women in uniform!

written word on side of wrist... to go on the same arm as my ankh?

Egyptian style Cat Side Tattoo - Fucking love this one!

Bird Tattoo Design for Side Arm

Inspiring Arrow Tattoo Designs and Patterns. I kinda like the side of the arm if there weren't words.