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pallet ideas, walkway connected sidewalks in backyard and driveway to sidewalk in front yard

Polka dot sidewalk? How have I not seen this before. Circle pavers + fill. Awesome. Just think of the different games you could play. Just think of how fantastic it would be to have a POLKA DOT SIDEWALK. Could make trails with this in the back yard!!

Roll-up sidewalk made from pallet wood and old fire hose. Great for rainy season or after a flood.

Garden Trellis made with sticks you can find in the woods or even on the sidewalks of your neighborhood (especially after a windy day!)

Love this look... been wondering how to end my garden at the sidewalk. This is similar to how ours sets up.

Cutting Zinnia's. with grass. Maybe for the strip between the sidewalk and road?

Great idea for low water - low work gardening/landscaping for the hell strip in front of a driveway or sidewalk. Pavers, gravel, rocks, succulents. Pavers trim for rock garden tropical landscape

Sidewalk Idea

Liriope muscari. Easy to grow, and spreads. Good for lining sidewalks. I have these and the flowers are a pretty shade of purple. Bees and butterflies like them. In winter, they produce interesting large seeds. - Ali R.

path combination for front yard: sidewalk flanked by river rock and brick

Roll-up sidewalk made from pallet wood and old fire hose. Great for rainy season or after a flood.

DIY bamboo containers. Could put this in the front of the house by sidewalk to front door.

Glow Stone Sidewalk - create a stunning sidewalk with these special stones.

Black mulch and river rocks I LOVE this look for the sidewalk~

One of my favorite flowers. One year in Fredricksburg, TX they had these lining the sidewalks and I was enthralled by the little flowers that had so much color and character. My back yard is going to be a jungle with all the creeping plants I love!

Vinegar, Salt Dish Soap Weed Killer. Use one gallon of white vinegar, add half a cup of liquid soap and two tablespoons of salt. Shake the mixture. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the leaves and stems of weeds only, avoiding surrounding plants. According to the Frugal Gardening website, this versatile mixture will kill grass between bricks, as well as weeds in the cracks along the driveway and between sidewalk section.

stacked rock wall made from salvaged broken-up sidewalk