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Curves are much more appealing to the eye than straight lines. So give your sidewalk garden an extra bit of pizzazz with flowing curves. Strip of turf between the street and the garden helps set off the planting wonderfully. And it gives folks a place to step when they are enjoying ypur flowers!! I love curves in the landscaping!!

So clever! (paint sidewalk with roller to look like brick) I wanna do this on our walk ways around out house

This is exactly what I have in mind for front and back! So great to see it executed before I start on mine!

Soften your entry by filling the strip of yard between a fence and sidewalk with a flower garden. The blooms add color and interest and prevent the fence from feeling like a barrier. This makes your front yard appear more welcoming.

Pavers lining the sidewalk/driveway... great way to "dress up" a standard entry!

Gardening ideas for a "hell strip" -- just past the driveway? next to the shed? Keeps getting over-run with long crab grass... Cover it with weedblocker/ pebbles/ decorative rocks & add a few tough-to-kill perennials.

Front Walk Garden Dress up the sidewalk that runs to your home with a mix of annuals and perennials, including verbena, foxglove, begonia, yarrow, and lavender. Gar

Create Cottage Charm Planting along your sidewalk can help accent your home's architectural style. Here, a lovely Victorian home is made all the more charming with a little cottage-style garden filled with roses and other great flowers for cutting. A white picket fence completes the scene. We love how the garden makes a big impact, but takes up hardly any space.

Garden owners can try everything from fences to motion-activated sprinklers with little effect. If deer are starving, they'll eat almost anything, but under normal circumstances the critters are surprisingly choosy.

Hens-and-chicks - interesting succulent for the rock garden, stone wall, or crevice in pavement. Guerilla gardening anyone?

Form and pour a new concrete sidewalk; the perfect first concrete project for the beginner. Replace that ugly, cracked walk with a flat, smooth new one. We show you how to build forms and then place and smooth the wet concrete, all with first class results. You save big money too.

Amazing DIY walkway ideas! You could also use these ideas as patio areas.

flagstone sidewalk.. This is beautiful. It goes with any color schem of the home.

They took scrap granite from local granite shop and made a sidewalk for relatively no cost at all. So cool

Make your yard feel bigger with street-side plantings! See more sidewalk-garden ideas here:

Stone edging around trees. **Just had this & the sidewalk edging done, I can't believe how different it makes the house look!**

Beautiful mums for front yard landscaping by sidewalk. Just dig a hold and put the entire pot in it for quick work!

Coffee in the mountains / succulents I have a lot of these... Picked up from sidewalks across the country and started in bowls in my window. Discarded succulent hoarder? That's me...

Soften Your Sidewalk- and nasturtiums are edible... add a pretty spice to salads and color to sidewalk :)

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Tips to Build a Concrete Walkway-Build strong, crack-free concrete sidewalks and slabs with these 10 pro tips. Tips include forming edges, leveling, smoothing, curing and other vital steps in creating a first-rate concrete pour. Also, the 10 most common mistakes.

WHO KNEW? I did this, and I have NO weeds/grass growing in my pavers! 5 pound bags of Baking Soda at Costco for less than $5.00 - then : Sweep Baking Soda into Sidewalk Cracks to Discourage Weeds. Simply pour or sweep a thick layer of baking soda into sidewalk and patio cracks. The baking soda will kill any small weeds that are already there, and prevent new ones from sprouting