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Sister Anchor Tattoos

Sisters Forever Anchor My sisters are my anchor. I definitely want sister tattoos someday.

anchor tattoo, my sister is thinking of getting a anchor on her foot, at first I didn't like the idea but now I've seen it I'm thinking , maybe it will look nice!

My sister and I got "twin" tattoos for our birthday. The anchor stands for faith, love and hope and comes from 1Corinthians 13:13.

anchor tattoos possible brother/sister

Brother and sister tattoos by Erik Lafave and Joshua Nordstrom at Deft Tattoo Studio anchor, feather, flying birds, girly www.defttattoostu...

I wanna get with my bestfriend, but I don't want something to happen and us stop talking but we have these ._. but we have been friends since second grade and now we are 17 so idk maybe

I love this! I would change it tho to "You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground.... and You be the wings that keeps my head in the sky."

I like this for my sister and me. Or maybe just one of us has true wheel and one has the anchor, no words, but we would both just know

like the anchor, would be a cute tattoo to get with a twin! But a lot smaller and different placement

Adore this placement. Bee on one foot, anchor on the other...

@Amber Coch Sisters tattoo, looking for a different one. My little sister wants an anchor. So I'm looking for more ideas to run by her.

"You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground" "And I'll be the wings that keep your head in the clouds"

"You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground...and I'll be the wings that keep your head in the clouds." Love this idea :)

. I thought this was cute : ( sister/ bff tattoos) Be the one to guide me, but never hold me down. (tatoos,anchor,captains wheel,tattoo)

nautical art the center in small words Let HIM guide you would be awesome! £o¥€!

Sister's tattoo! I know youre not too excited about the whole anchors or hearts thing, but this is really cute! ;) @Emali Marie Laine Pickering

Sisters Forever! Best friend tattoo! My best friend and I have always been one another's anchors through thick & thin. As years have passed distance has separated us; however, we always stay connected. This is our matching tattoo (on me). The script is Italian and means "sisters forever".

sister tattoos - you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground...and you be the wings that keep my head in the clouds.

Cute sister matching anchor tattoos! Love the ankle placement and design

Tattoo me and my best friend since 2008 got :) sisters in a infinity for I will always be your sister and a anchor to say our friendship refuses to sink for it is strong .

brother and sister tattoo (we will never drift apart). tattoos. anchor. anchor tattoo.