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DIY lemon sugar face scrub. Great for acne, skin discoloration, age spots, blackheads and more.

Skin Discoloration Information and Treatment: How To Naturally Lighten Dark Knees

DIY Vitamin C mask, helps lighten dark spots or skin discoloration caused by hormones and post-breakouts marks.

Teen Model has severe acne and scarring but shows you how to use foundation to cover it up and get a wonderful clear skin look! Brilliant

Make Your Own Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub. The lemon helps acne, sun spots, discoloration. The sugar exfoliates your skin. This makes your skin so soft.

DIY lemon & sugar scrub to fade skin discolorations naturally!

Also use as face cleanser, acne cure, anti-aging treatment, to even skin tone and remove under eye discoloration

Have trouble with dark armpits? Here's a quick and natural way to scrub away the dead skin. For 4 consecutive days: apply a thin layer of baking soda and coconut oil to under arms. Oil nourishes skin. The acid in baking soda will keep get rid of the dry skin. As skin starts to form a crust like layer, wash underarms with a brush or loofah to remove discolored skin.

Kiehl's 'Clearly Corrective' Dark Spot Solution. Will improve your skin tone and texture, your skin will look brighter! It's suppose to gently minimize the appearance of dark spots, acne spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. Get samples (enough for 3-4 weeks) and use with their Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. www.makeupalley.c...

Potato Mask for Skin Discoloration

Obaji tretinion .1% is a wonderful product. My skin discolorations faded very quickly. Recommend that product used sparingly to avoid flaky, red skin. This product is better than any other product for sun spots, wrinkles and pimples then any other and I have tried many. Definitely recommend!!!

Homemade Lemon juice & Sugar Face Scrub to Fade Skin Discolorations | Beauty and MakeUp Tips

Nadinola skin discoloration fade cream...fades acne scars and makes skin tone more even...heard about this on AlyssyaRHood's beauty channel!! Only $5!

Is your skin looking dull or discolored? Try this super simple DIY facial scrub recipe.

Treatment for cracked heels Put shaving cream on your feet. In a bucket or sink, combine = parts warm water

To get rid of skin discolorations caused by scars, use a non-comedogenic oil to loosen the scar and soften it. Olive oil is best suited for this purpose. Massage your face with one tablespoon of olive oil slowly. Then put a steaming towel over the face. This will open up the pores and will also soften the skin. When the towel cools down, wipe off the oil.

The BEST Make Up Tutorial for Skin Discoloration

Baking Soda As Skin Discoloration Remedy, and so does a potato, lemon juice and aloe juice

I swear by the moisturizer that actually clears up skin discolorations for a more even skin tone and has Spf 30 protection and

Sometimes you may think it is nothing but slowly it will grow on you. Before it gets out of control, cure it at your home comfort.