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Charlotte Gainsbourg. She was incredible in Antichrist.

Morning Coffee, omit the smoking, however this photo definitely shows off the 'true' beauty of women in the early morning with their coffee!

Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton 1976

Recent studies have shown that women who smoke upside down have a far greater chance of becoming pregnant than women who smoke in an upright position...

Mirror the smoke of my cigarette, Reflect the haze in my soul.

Monica Bellucci - one of the most beautiful women ever! I would marry her!

"and so she huffed, and puffed, and blew her life away."

Carre Otis in leather and with attitude

Rosa Luxembourg, Simone De Beauvoir and Emma Goldman on the beach, smoking pipes (1930’s.) I see my future

No one can argue any longer about the rights of women. Its like arguing about earthquakes. - Lillian Hellman -

Women of Helmut Newton Catherine Deneuve, Esquire, Paris, 1976

Edith Piaf, c. 1940, by Jean Gabriel Séruzier

Herb Ritts photograph... Gitanes, 1989 - 1990...#bohemian style and "attitude."

Smoking women, 50s Beauty

Again, if you end up being too nervous (at least at the start of the shoot) we can always begin with more clothing and work from there, and you will still look amazing!

Kate Moss by Sante D’Orazio

Women on an Italian street, 1951. By Milton Greene.

i'd like to say the art of smoking, but smoking ain't no art. this is.

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