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No one can argue any longer about the rights of women. Its like arguing about earthquakes. - Lillian Hellman -

Recent studies have shown that women who smoke upside down have a far greater chance of becoming pregnant than women who smoke in an upright position...

Morning Coffee, omit the smoking, however this photo definitely shows off the 'true' beauty of women in the early morning with their coffee!

Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton 1976

ok I personally don't like smoking - especially when it comes to women but I like this picture for some unknown reason.

sexy art | ... -girl-portrait-woman-beauty-sexy-art-photo-smoking-people_large.jpg

im printing this pic!!! i have the perfect place for it:) call me crazy for loving vintage pics of women smoking!

different model poses, add them to your collection #fashion #clothing #women

Brigitte Bardot // smoking // black and white // light up // fashion icon // style idol // iconic women // 1970s // 70s

Monica Bellucci - one of the most beautiful women ever! I would marry her!

Smoking Women - Raphael Kirchner

Rosa Luxembourg, Simone De Beauvoir and Emma Goldman on the beach, smoking pipes (1930’s.) I see my future

Monica Bellucci She is my first crush. When i was 11 old.

"and so she huffed, and puffed, and blew her life away."

Edith Piaf, c. 1940, by Jean Gabriel Séruzier

"...Te escribo para cuando ya no esté. Para que escuches mi voz cuando ya no la tenga. Para que sientas mis manos, aún ausente de tacto. Para tocar tus labios en un silencio de palabras, de espacios y de pausas. Para que cada latido que escribe tu nombre, perdure en un tiempo más allá de nosotros..." Brando

Women of Helmut Newton Catherine Deneuve, Esquire, Paris, 1976

Smoking Women By Raphael Kirchner Completion Date: 1904 Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) Series: Smoking Women

In 1920s America experienced a change socially and economically. After WWI happened, their was a rebellious impact on the youth and women. With women taking on men jobs, it gave them freedom and they wanted to embrace that through fashion, causing an era of Flappers, women who smoked, drank, cut their hair and had more of a boyish phenotype.-C.M

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Charlotte Gainsbourg (French musical artist and actress who is in the forthcoming Lars von Tier film called "Melancholia")

Milla Jovovich -> this outfit + Gold (Noah Hyde / Magic Sword remix) by Wake Owl + choreography