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Songbird Tattoo

Satin Songbird and Lotus Flower Tattoo Tattoos

My Songbird ♥ Pigment tattoos in Cedar Park, TX. By Tj  this is amazing

Lyrics from my favorite song by the beautiful Eva Cassidy "Songbird" My first tattoo 🎶💛

I want to get something similar because My mom calls me her songbird :)

Tattoo of a songbird. So awesome and creative.

Songbird Tattoo - Blackwork splash of red.

Thinking of getting this on my side. Represents that I have a song in me that has yet to be heard & it'll carry me far once its out

This would make a cool tattoo. Songbird from Bioshock

A songbird is related to sailors. A sailor would know he was close to land once he saw a sparrow flying. It means finding land and good luck.

My new songbird tattoo! I'm in LOVE

oh my gosh, this is absolutely adorable.

"The songbird sings the song he always sings..." < That song popped into my head when I beheld this artful #tattoo.

definitley another good way to go about it! Love this too

I am getting this tattoo on my graduation vacation to Florida. I can not wait!!

Songbird tattoo Bioshock Infinite

Songbird floral Tattoo - Blackwork flower mandala

Small And Simple Wrist Tattoos For Women | Nearly exactly the tattoo I plan to memorialize Audrey. My amazing Songbird. ♥

Angel Songbird Tattoo Tattoos

Songbird Tattoos Pictures

Colorful, Owl, Tattoo. This style on my songbird