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weaving (I love fiber arts!) although I must say I don't really understand it....of course I'm not a weaver though :)

"Cardboard Box Looms: DIY Weaving" I was just talking to my mom about wanting to learn how to weave like this and wishing I had a loom!

GoraDora Pedal-Power Washer | human-powered, pedal-powered, kinetic energy, body heat, soccer ball, play, nPower PEG, chargers, washing machine, LED lights, sleeping bags...

How To: Make Your Own Natural Dyes - Modern Farmer

Well-described variant method to dye a very-slow-striping gradient using food coloring.

Natural Fabric Dyes chart...this is great. I once dyed silk and lace to match a very old string of pearls using strong tea and onion skins.

50 Minute Spin Workout with a great playlist! Easy to do on your own.... If I did a spin class

dyeing with black beans... You just use the water you soak the beans in, so you still can cook with the beans. Results range from blues to greens.

A super-clear tutorial on spinning yarn. I took a spinning class from Maggie Casey when we lived in Boulder, about 17 years ago. She's a great teacher and a skilled spinner, her enthusiasm for it infectious.

30-min DIY Spinning Workout Guide! Great for when you need to get a quick workout in before work or class :)

Amazing hand carved spinning wheels from Golding Fiber Tools. This one is "Habetrot" (Celtic Spinning Goddess) made of cherry wood with ebony accents.

The Spinner's Glossary by Lee Juvan. Free tutorial on spinning wheel maintenance on Knitty at

Turn your fabric scraps into twine

How To Convert a Treadle Sewing Machine into a Spinning Wheel (all proceeds from this sale go to support rescued animals at Llamas in the Raw Sanctuary - thank you for your help) At long last, what...

yarn dying tutorial - understanding how striped yarn is made will help you avoid pooling

smart dyeing | speckly awesome crazy yarn dyeing.

This is the way we wash our fleece (August 28): tips from the Yarn Harlot on washing and prepping fleece to spin

AwareKnits' Natural Dyeing Recipe - how to dye yarns with natural dyes such as beets, rose petals, tumeric, coffee, etc.

Beata's Fauxlags tutorial

How To Convert a Treadle Sewing Machine into a Spinning Wheel