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Hand carved, exquisite, triple flier, walnut and ebony spinning wheel. Spinning wheels cause me to swoon. Especially pretty ones like this.

Don't pay for an expensive twister tool. Make your own spinning windmill tool!!

lovely wall of birdhouses • tamar mogendorff The mind is spinning with ideas for where to hang these.

Friendship Stars-love the contrast with the white background and small black stars

Yarn store love.Sometimes when I go to my LYS, I feel like spinning around and singing like Maria in the "Sound of Music"

Spinning Carousel Centerpiece | Oh Happy Day!

Magic Crystal Wand Aurora Quartz Anandalite Aventurine Pagan Altar Reiki Wiccan Ritual Springbok Horn AURUM DIAMONDWING by Spinning Castle

Spinning Album - Incorporate an array of unrelated -- but meaningful -- photos into one memento. This spinning album features more than 100 photos. Fill it with a year's worth of unforgettable moments, everything from baseball games to piano recitals. Lighten up: Opt for embellishments that are not bulky. Use paper punches to create layered designs, such as paper flowers and tags.

Great resource for natural dyes and a spinning primer ★ HOW TO Spin Yarn | Dyeing & Spinning Craft Tutorials ★

Pretty in Pink Bee - December Blocks for cilvee by Cut To Pieces, via Flickr

spinning, weaving, leather

DIY Spin Art Machine Kids love to do spin art here are some great ideas!

RESERVED Pheasant Wing Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Reiki Ritual Magic Crystals Driftwood GLOWING ABUNDANCE by Spinning Castle. $248.00, via Etsy.

Beatrix Potter 'Mouse with a Spinning Wheel' 1890 Helen Beatrix Potter (1866 – 1943) English author, illustrator, mycologist and conservationist ink and watercolour Sotheby's archives

hand dyed superwash roving wool top spinning fiber rainbow progression GRATEFUL DYED 4 oz. on Etsy, $22.76 CAD

Beautiful Spinning Yarn. Oh, what beautiful colors.

Berries, Natural Dyes by Philosopher Queen, via Flickr. This was my first job with CW between college years: we built a fire, boiled some berries or leaves and dyed some wool spun by CW's Spinning and Weaving Shop.

Habetrot is the Celtic Goddess of Spinning and Healing. She is able to spin wool into garments in an instant, and the clothes that she makes give the wearer immunity from all disease. In fairy tales, she is depicted with an extended lower lip, which she got from wetting the wool as she spun it.

  • Renata Bursten

    And I you! Welcome to Pinterest fellow-fibre-friend:-)

  • Sandi Koos

    Sorry you misunderstood me. I haven't spun flax. Wool, alpaca, mohair, dog, silk, angora even hemp and other things but not flax. I have some growing in my yard in New Mexico. It is a pretty blue flower. I don't know if it is the same as what is spun but when I read all that has to be done to process it I thought I'll pass. I haven't woven with it either. I'm not a very accomplished spinner or weaver or knitter. I have taught spinning but when a class is over my students spin better than I do. I'm a good teacher but I don't practice enough to get very good at anything. I also am slow and have poor eye hand coordination but I love playing with fiber and collecting fiber tools. I have 4 Wheels, 2 looms, 2 carders, plus hand cards and combs , ( I love carding), many fleeces, rovings, yarns and books, books, books. I promise myself and my husband that when we retire to New Mexico I'll start focusing on producing and not just collecting. I just discovered Pinterest yesterday and perhaps it will be the spark I need to get down and finish a project. You are obviously more experienced and dedicated than I but I would like to explore your boards (follow?) . I suspect I would find you very interesting. I like the pic very much. Thanks for your responses.

  • Renata Bursten

    Good question, it seems a bit short to be a distaff doesn't it? On the other hand she's not so tall either;) I am really impressed that you work with flax! I have woven with it and it's fabulous but if it's not kept fairly damp it has absolutely no give to it at all. I usually lay a damp towel on the warp's web to keep it flexible. Spinning it seems like it would be a cool challenge... And yes, I believe this image is from Ireland. She make's a GREAT Habetrot! Spin on sister!

  • Sandi Koos

    I wondered if the tall piece on the mother of all was a distaff. My phone isn't large enough to tell. I saw this pic in another pin and they said it was from Ireland. Which of course has lots of sheep

  • Sandi Koos

    Thanks for the information. When I spin I occasionally spritz it but not often

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