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Sassy fawn brown hair color is topped with incredible textured layers with a zigzag centered part that brings the hair popping with volume along the sides. The longer sections are spliced on the ends that spread around her shoulders. There are bits of fine transparent bangs that veil over the eyes and touch the lower part of the cheek.

Blushing Cocktail As an alternative to plain Champagne, try this cocktail for rehearsal-dinner toasts. To make a Blushing Bride, pour 2 ounces of chilled passion-fruit nectar into a glass; gently pour in 3 ounces of cold Champagne, then 1/2 teaspoon grenadine. Do not shake or stir. The three will commingle as prettily as a flush spreading on the cheek of a shy bride-to-be

Burlap Confetti TossGuests were given "Spread the Love" burlap sachets filled with black sunflower seeds to toss at the night's end. The ranch is a wildlife refuge for golden-cheeked warblers, which quickly gobbled up the seeds, making them an eco-friendly option. This might be an interesting idea.

In The Depot - tongue in cheek film about the snowy weather... good for a laugh

BEARD BASICS: Setting beard boundaries on the cheeks and neck is critical. For the neck area keep it about an inch below the jaw line (line b.), and for the cheeks, follow your smile lines (line d.) Make sure to maintain an appropriate spread. We don’t want to see a connection between your beard & chest hair, keep it clean & make sure that hair between points b & c is removed-SAM PICK> FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST for Style Tips, Men's Basics,OUR SALES etc... ~ VujuWear

Erythema infectiosum or Fifth Disease ~ Fifth disease, also known as erythema infectiosum, or slapped cheek syndrome, is an infectious disease caused by parvovirus B19. During incubation(10 days), the patient is contagious and may display a number of ailments: mild fever, runny nose, headache, sore throat, joint pain, etc. An erythema (rash) then appears on the cheeks before spreading to the limbs, the torso, and the buttocks. These symptoms fade spontaneously after 10 days.

Sexflesh Seethru Savannah Anus Stroker by SexFlesh. $18.24. Safe to use with lubricant. Easy to use and clean. Soft & sensual for optimal pleasure. Durable with a realistic feel. Take Savannah out for a spin and watch the action with this transparent anus stroker! The fleshy body-colored opening lets you visualize your manhood plunging between a spread pair of cheeks, while the clear jelly tube lets you see the pleasure as it happens. Four ribbed inner suction chambers deliv...

If the Avengers posed like female superheros. Or in the case of Black Widow vice versa. I would be even more scared of The Hulk if he was spreading his cheeks in my direction. Though I have to say Captain America has it going on! hahaha

Blush/rouge should hit the upper cheekbone not be spread in a circle at the centre of the cheek (unless you are going for a 80s styling). Blush/rouge should accentuate the bones of the face, or if you don't have a naturally chiseled face shape, the colour/shading should work to create a more angular look for you. Rachel McAdams here looks flawless. Even blend the rouge further up towards the hairline for a more striking look.

Kristina DeeTox: A pin up with beautiful legs.

' In the middle of the square an old fountain spread its stomach.  [...]  Four marble-cheeked cherubs with distended mouths blew pipes - but the water didn't flow.  Nevertheless, the fountain was full of clear water; its riches spilling over onto the paving stones.' -Jean Giono

Best stand up EVER!

spread your sparkle… I love this picture from Chubby Cheek Photography

You should be adventurous more often. Brave looks good on you ;-)

Josie Maran Cosmetics Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée: These cheek colors offer a hybrid formula that spreads like a cream, builds like a gel, and lasts as long as a stain (14 hours).

20 Uses for Vaseline: A Girl's Best Friend(open link for more)-- 1. It makes your eyelashes grow... and looks like mascara. 2. To Soften dry and cracked elbows. 3. Dry cuticles 4. For kissable, luscious lips: Fall is a beast for drying out summary, dewy lips. 5. To help your perfume scent last longer 6. Keep nail polish off the rest of your finger when painting. 7. Prevent hair dye from seeping through your forehead. 8. Make your shoes look like new! 8. Hide split ends... and much more

In the spirit of peace, love and political correctness, they bent over, spread their cheeks and took it in the rear. Most people today have bought into the "take it rather than stand up to it" mentality.

Burlap Confetti Toss - Cute idea for Amber Brad's wedding.....Guests would be given "Spread the Love" burlap sachets filled with black sunflower seeds to toss at the "Just Married". Birds and other animals will quickly gobble up the seeds, making them an eco-friendly option.

1. Silce open bread rolls, cutting almost all the way through. Close rolls. 2. Use cholocate frosting to draw on skeleton teeth and eyes. Add dots of strawberry frosting for cheeks. 3. Once frosting has set and dried, gently spread peanut butter inside sandwiches. Spoon in lost os strawberry jelly, letting it gush out the sides. Serve as spooky snacks or party favors.

This tongue-in-cheek shirt is a fun-spirited way to help spread awareness for Chemo Duck's cause. It's a great way to let people know that not only did you buy this shirt, but it also gave a kid who was battling cancer a Chemo Duck.

The moving images of this Easter Sunday moment at the Vatican have spread around the world over the last few days. Greeting followers in St. Peter’s Square from the “Popemobile,” Pope Francis called for 8-year-old Dominic Gondreau, who suffers from cerebral palsy, to be raised up to him. He proceeded to hug Dominic, giving him a kiss on the cheek. #Pope Francis #CerebralPalsy

This is exciting! A barbacoa recipe that looks like something from Texas. Instead of the whole cow head, it just calls for the cow cheeks, which I think is a great idea. Judging by the reviews, you can easily throw this in the crock pot as well! Can't wait to try it!

Infused with the health beverage du jour, these cheek colors offer a hybrid formula that spreads like a cream, builds like a gel, and lasts as long as a stain (14 hours). And, like the drink, they’re nice and hydrating. Available in six shades.

The Black Dahlia Murder Case-The top half of Elizabeth Short's body when it was found. The murderer had posed her body with her hands over her head, her legs spread with knees bent at right angles and had cut open the sides of her cheek giving her the appearance of smiling.