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Spring Flowers

iPhone wallpaper

Christine Van Patter / Pinterest

Floral arrangements require colour balance and perfect placing to pull off correctly. Omnisax designers bring their expertise in colour and shape to every collection.

.Spring bulbs

Ok Spring ... You have 34 days to show up!

Desert Tissue Spring Flowers Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

Spring flowers in a tub Good idea and great for yards that have deer issues. Easier to protect from the deer because its so contained

Sweet Spring Flowers-planted in a tin...cute! Great colors!

spring flowers. glass jar. Love it. seen on Hometown Girl.

Ranunculus Purple (Purple Persian Buttercups) - Royal purple roses have big 3" - 4" blooms – and a single bulb can produce dozens of flowers! Ravishing perennials, they grow 10-15" tall. Where winters are mild (zones 8-11), plant ranunculus bulbs in Fall for early spring flowers. Good container plants.