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Spring Flowers

Plant Spring Flowers in your Fall Planters so next spring they look like this! If you dig the bulbs in now, you can plant fall annuals or even make holiday planters. Lots of examples and design ideas in the post!

10 bulbs to plant in the Spring for summer garden color: great article with flower choices + how to care for them

Planting Charts for Spring-Flowering Bulbs This handy chart takes the guesswork out of planting bulbs.

This is an Exotic Summer Flower...It has really pretty colors. Called lantana camara is flowering exotic for sunny spot

Flowers That Come Back Each Year

Spring flowers tulips beautiful landscape!

Bulbs 101 for beginners | Easy start for planting beautiful spring-flowering bulbs | It's time! | empress of dirt on #eBay

  • Bernardo Rodriguez

    I'm not much of a gardener, but I will check out your pins. thank you Shirley

  • Shirley Hazlett

    Yes, Bernardo! But these are not onions, they're flower bulbs such as tulips, daffodill and crocus...especially nice for spring, but they must be planted in the fall. Onions are simple to grow, and depending on where you live, are ready quite quickly. You generally by them in packages called sets. I have other pins here that explain how to plant them. Good luck!

  • Bernardo Rodriguez

    Should I grow my own onions

How to Prepare Your Flower Gardens in the Fall for Next Spring - Take steps now to ensure your flower gardens do well over the winter and thrive next spring

Creeping Charlie. Type: Broadleaf perennial Size: 4 inches tall, several feet wide Where it grows: Shady lawn, landscape, or garden areas Appearance: Groundcover with scalloped leaves and clusters of purple flowers in late spring. Control: Mulch garden areas in spring to prevent it; pull plants by hand or spray with a post-emergence herbicide in spring or fall.

Summer project: A beautiful way to display your garden and plants in the backyard!

3 fall gardening tips to have the greenest lawn, and most beautiful flowers in the spring.

Spring flowers in a tub Good idea and great for yards that have deer issues. Easier to protect from the deer because its so contained

Wasp Trap - I HATE wasps!!! They always chase me in the summer when I try to water our flowers & herb garden on the patio! Not. Any. More.

pretty bouquet for all of you and especially for you Debra, congratulations on your new job!

cherry tree, dwarf and full size. Pink spring bloom. Varieties include; ez pick montmorency, ez pick ranier, bing, lapins, rainier, royal ann

Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata) is a richly flowering, clump-forming phlox that stays green in both summer and winter. In spring these plants produce innumerable crimson and white flowers that attract butterflies. These Phlox like to be planted in full sunshine.

Key to arranging flowers in a circular vase Witt a fairly small opening. Using A LOT of stems,