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Spring Flowers

Wasp Trap - I HATE wasps!!! They always chase me in the summer when I try to water our flowers & herb garden on the patio! Not. Any. More.

  • Christina Senseman

    This is sad, they have a right to live here as we do. Just because we view them as pests, as we invade there dwindling territory. Ignorant of the fact we rely on them for our eco-system to survive.

  • Blue Crab

    @Leilani Pender If they are allergic then they need an epi-pen - you can't kill them all nor should we try. She stated she just hated them. Wasps and bees are more important to the ecosystem then WE are.

  • John Kleinmark

    What are you using inside the bottle to attract them?

  • Leilani Pender

    @Blue Crab How do your know her or any of her children aren't allergic to them?

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Lovely Flowerbed of Azaleas, Tyler and East Texas are known for beautiful displays of flowers. Tyler celebrates Spring & Azaleas with annual "Azalea Trails"

This would may a lovely wedding arrangement... Perhaps your guests could even make their own bouquets as favours... That's way you get the most out of your flower budget x

A great foliage border gives a garden a rich, layered look that doesn’t depend on flowers for dramatic effect. The key to success: Pick the right blend of shrubs and small trees whose leaves and branches create contrasts in color, texture, shape, and size

Weed Identification Guide Chickweed Type: Broadleaf annual Size: 6 inches tall, 12 inches wide Where it grows: Lawn, garden, and landscape areas with rich, moist soil in sun or shade Appearance: Lush green mats studded with small, star-shape flowers. Control: Mulch to prevent it in gardens or use a pre-emergence herbicide in early spring; pull plants by hand.

"Beautiful, old-fashioned and wonderful as a pot, garden plant or cut flower. Polyanthus 'Gold Lace' lasts nearly two weeks once. It’s the texture of polyanthus, as well as the colours which make these such exceptional spring-flowering plants. You can grow them in pots – as a collection – in the middle of your table, or plant them in the garden..."

love the light flowers with the blue know how i feel about blue jars!

This is an Exotic Summer Flower...It has really pretty colors. Called lantana camara is flowering exotic for sunny spot

Window decoration - flowers / blomsterdekoration

My 1929 Charmer | Master Gardener Series: Time To Prune Lilacs |

  • Rene Toman

    My maternal grandmother grew these everywhere...when I see or smell them I think of her.

We love hydrangeas! Visit us here for a Gardener's Growing Guide:

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In late spring and summer, this Golden Chain Tree bears beautiful hanging clusters of yellow flowers. More small trees:

  • Shirley Lang

    Thanks to everyone for letting us know it was poisonous..

  • Sheila Blackwood Lindsay

    very poisinous small amounts harm children and can kill horses. I fell in love with the tree and wanted it for my yard until I mentioned grandchildren and the nursery said it was harmful

  • Coco of Summer

    Wow, good to know.

  • Anne-Marie Kelly

    also known as Laburnum tree,NB all parts of this tree are poisonous

  • Katie Hudson

    FYI: these trees are kinda messy. They drop their seeds and little starts pop up all over. Our neighbor's tree overhangs our yard. Pretty though when blooming.

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New Variety! The Pistachio™ Hydrangea. Grows in part sun to part shade getting 3-4' tall and wide. Showy 5" mophead flowers bloom from spring to fall. Zones 5-9

Spring flowers pale pastel florals.... maybe as a surprise on a bedside table???

Beautiful jacaranda trees are in full bloom is Sydney during spring and form violet carpets with their falling flowers.

How to Grow a Spring Bulb Garden Indoors - Start new bulbs every 10 days for a continuous supply of fresh as spring flowers all winter long.

Spring floral beauty inspiration | Photo by DArcy Benincosa | 100 Layer Cake |

How To Prune Lilacs For Bigger Blooms: Blooming in spring, lilac flowers are big, beautiful and fragrant, making the lilac one of the most recognizable...