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Spring Flowers

Rose verbena (Verbena canadensis) is a perennial groundcover loved because it cascades beautifully down hot, dry, sunny slopes and bears an abundance of deep pink flowers. It is rarely out of bloom, but it puts on its strongest show in spring and late summer. Zones: 4-7

White Feather Hosta -- An amazing new development - large pure white lush leaves emerge in late spring/early summer. Throughout the summer green streaks develop on the foliage creating an unusual yet beautiful effect. Lavender flowers in summer are just an additional bonus.

Here's another cute idea - use your colander and make a great arrangement for your kitchen table. Wouldn't it be fun to make and admire over coffee with your friends? Everytime you walk by it, it's going to perk you up! Aren't the artichokes a clever idea? You could use green apples instead of the artichokes and that would look adorable too!

"Ta gửi cho người Vào dịp đầu năm Những đóa hoa penseé Vàng rực như tia nắng Tím ngắt như trời đêm Những đóa hoa nhớ nhung Và hãy gửi trở lại ta Một ý nghĩ của người" Spring Pansies :)

Shirley Poppies - In the fall, after clearing beds of fallen leaves,sow these extravagantly (maybe add in a little larkspur) These seeds germinate in late winter, grow rapidly in the warmth of spring and produce unexpectedly showy flowers in May and June.

The dazzling Turquoise Ixia (Ixia viridiflora) has one of the rarest and most desirable colors in the plant world.  Each spring, this Freesia relative sends up striking, 1½ to 2 foot tall flower spikes that demand attention!  Each stem has 12 to 24 blooms of shimmering aquamarine or sea-green.  The satiny purple centers and yellow anthers contrast beautifully with the petals.  Unfortunately, this lovely plant is endangered in its homeland of South Africa, and is rarely seen for sale.