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Summer Camp Activities

More cards to sing. Could change up some of the cards for fun game at summer camp or group piano lessons. Also for a student who needs an quick activity between parts of the lesson.

How about a passport for the summer? Things you did, places you went.

Get into classic camp mode with a twist on tug-of-war called Stumps. Two players stand on upside-down milk crates set 6 to 12 feet apart on soft ground. Players pull or relax a rope, trying to force the other to step off her crate. Strategy trumps strength: a hard tug can be neutralized by a loosened grip, and sudden slack can make the tugger teeter.

100 Summer Camp Themes from Summer Camp Program Director. In blue are the themes which have been highlighted - readers and followers have offered their own ideas.

We made these bracelets while camping this summer. Nice little campfire activity :)

Girls Camp Charm Necklace- Each girl earns a charm for participating in various activities at camp.

Fun & Crafts with Pom Poms! I really need to get a giant bag of Pom-poms! They are great for throwing at each other too? :)