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Sweet Text Messages

Sexy Quotes to Someone Special with Pictures | Romantic Messages + Flirty Text Messages = Everlasting Love: Funny SMS ...

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I love waking up to messages from people x) but most of all when I get them from @Joshua Liesner

cute text: Too bad I got this in a letter and a year later we broke up up! Boys try to sweet talk when sometimes it's not true!

Wow, then he must think of me every single morning because I get his sweet texts and messages every morning.

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We all know that moment when you're texting you're crush and you ask them who they like... Well...the way I'm ganna say it is similar to this. You really want to know who I like? They'll say yes, then I'll say read the first word of the last message.

Boyfriend texts, sweet messages, prince charming, love him!

These funny goodnight quotes and sweet SMS text messages will definitely make your night. Just prepare yourself to send these love good night...

YEP!! Pretty darn accurate and feels so incredibly awesome. I want you this forever my love!! I LOVE YOU!!

sweet text message oh gosh the feels I would just die ahhh so cute

sweet text messages | Tumblr ❤ liked on Polyvore

Sweet Text Messages to Send To a Girl

Yupp, doing this for Valentine's Day!

recreate a super sweet text message! great way to save them forever (: I have the exact message in mind

The busy life of a Mom can make you forget the precious details of marriage. Remember the inside jokes and sweet text messages!

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  • Angelina Vance

    Lol this would be perfect

  • bella rios

    Ok i understand that its fake,but let people just have fun its just a pin and i understand now that its just a pin too, also we shouldn't be fighting about a pin,also i know it wouldn't end up perfectly i just want to be in peace with you

  • Katherine O'Brien

    I never said that you called it stupid. I was just saying that it was mean of you to say that she was desperate. And I know it's fake because this would never actually happen in real life THAT perfectly

  • bella rios

    I never called it stupid and what if it was real because how do you know that there fake

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