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Tattoo Pain Chart

Tattoo Pain Chart for Women | ... insights especially this butcher s chart for the tattooed human form

Tattoo%20Pain%20Chart 15 Tattoo Pain Chart 15

Awesome Tattoo Pics: Sensible areas for tattooing

Tattoo Pain Chart 03

Tattoo pain chart.....the foot was not that bad....the leg was not that bad...hip was ok....lower back was ok....between shoulders was ok....wrist hurt...and the back of my neck hurt.

Tattoo Pain Scale - This is a general average. Everyone has an "exception" spot as well and a variance in general pain tolerance. Probably something to consider.

tattoo pain charts ... also depends on if the person is not professional and grinds the needle deep into your skin... MEH

I don't fully agree with the pain chart - everyone has a different pain tolerance. But overall, this is cool.

tattoo pain chart; friend of mine passed out after six hours under the needle, loco yes but the endorphins kick in

Tattoo pain chart.

Tattoo Pain Chart - Discover the level of pain to expect on the 10 most popular tattooed body parts.

Tattoo Pain Chart-would agree with where my two are...ankle and foot! Ankle hurt a ton less.

small tattoo locations | Choosing an area on your body is critical. Different areas are going ...

I don't fully agree with the pain chart - everyone has a different pain tolerance. But overall, this is cool.

Tattoo pain chart- interesting that 3 out of the 4 places I have them are very sensitive spots. LOL

tattoo pain chart. Hm, I didnt think mine (on my outside calf) hurt very much at all. Also, I like that the Web site says tattoos for girls but its a guy with a star over the junk.

Tattoo location pain chart... and of course I have tattoos in one of the most painful places...

Lol!! I can verify from experience that this is at least partially true! My forearm tats hurt significantly worse than my tummy tattoo, which was more of an annoyance than pain. Having my forearms done felt like I was being cut... It's bearable, though- esp if you really really want the ink! Focus on the end result!

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20 Things You Need to Know About Tattoos What You Should Know About Tattoos I will try to be as impartial as I can, what is sort of hard I have the tattoo bug -but I do not want to go around telling people what I think is best, getting a tattoo is a serious thing, is something that you will be with you.

Tattoo pain chart...this has some good info on the bottom!