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Tattoo Pain Chart

Basic info for tattoo pain spots

  • whitley howard

    I have my foot almost covered and it hurt more than any tattoo I have!

  • Natali Keeton

    My foot tattoo did not hurt at all ..

  • Lindsey McClinton

    My foot tat didnt hurt at all. In fact the only place that actually hurt a little was my flank.

  • Emily Reubush

    Agreed. My tattoos on my spine and the side and back my neck were the least painful of all, from more than 20 all over my body.

  • Erin Amicone

    Tattoo pain depends entirely on the person and these charts are useless. I have tattoos on the back of my neck and on my bicep. Both are "red" zones and they barely hurt.

Does it hurt (Tattoo Pain Chart).. All my tatts are in red spots

tattoo pain chart; friend of mine passed out after six hours under the needle, loco yes but the endorphins kick in

I don't fully agree with the pain chart - everyone has a different pain tolerance. But overall, this is cool.

Tattoo Pain Chart 03

Tattoo pain chart

Tattoo pain chart... luv this thing!

Knowing exactly where to place your tattoo & the amount of discomfort you're going to receive.

Tattoo Pain Chart

Tattoo pain chart

tattoo pain charts ... also depends on if the person is not professional and grinds the needle deep into your skin... MEH

Tattoo pain chart... @Staci Flick Flick English

Tattoo pain chart... This will come in handy if this is accurate!

Tattoo pain chart.

Tattoo Pain Scale - This is a general average. Everyone has an "exception" spot as well and a variance in general pain tolerance. Probably something to consider.

I don't fully agree with the pain chart - everyone has a different pain tolerance. But overall, this is cool. - Rona Tattoo Designs

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Pain chart...this one is a little better than the first one with the weird Guy in his underwear lol!

Tattoo Pain Chart - Discover the level of pain to expect on the 10 most popular tattooed body parts.

Tattoo pain chart for women- not sure if I agree with the foot. That was my easiest one!

Really good chart for tattoo pain!

tattoo pain chart. Hm, I didnt think mine (on my outside calf) hurt very much at all. Also, I like that the Web site says tattoos for girls but its a guy with a star over the junk.

Tattoo pain chart.....the foot was not that bad....the leg was not that bad...hip was ok....lower back was ok....between shoulders was ok....wrist hurt...and the back of my neck hurt.