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Tattoo Sketches

Love this. Perfect sketch for what I kinda of want for a tattoo!

Owl Tattoo Sketch. Love love love the body

arestlessidealism: I received the preliminary sketch for my tattoo. It’s to be a bit of a shoulder cap, stopping before the collar bone and ending high on my upper arm. It will be done in an almost transparent watercolor palette of purples, yellows, and blues. The final product will have a more pronounced vintage botanical sketch feel.

Like the line and the use of circles. Flower Tattoo Design By Inkymel

Was already told by a Native American seer deer, wolf, bear: Kayla-deer, Me-wolf, Thomas bear.--spirit animals..No so such thing as coincidences.. :D

sketches of shooting stars and moons | this tribal tattoo is designed to represent the sun and moon

I actually really like the idea of a tattoo looking like a sketch

Bringer of the moon.....Would make interesting gold work piece

Lotus Flower: Very simple design, barely any color - this tattoo gets the essence of pencil sketches. This is the style I think I'm looking for.

por Xoïl, Needles Side TattOo || Wow.....

Tattoo Artist - Adam Kremer - figures tattoo ... I really like this one! I want to get some sort of arts tattoo and that's awesome!

maritime hair tattoo sketch by *Nevermore-Ink on deviantART I love these type drawings..comes in a close second to my favourite

Traditional brass knuckle / Rose tattoo sketch by - Ranz

sake girl tattoo sketch would love this on my thigh

Annabel Lee, I'm very excited about this one I'm going to fix all the unevenness and what not don't worry #tattoodesigns #tattoodesign #tattoo #sketch #drawing #doodle #prismas #prismacolor #annabellee #edgarallenpoe #poe #sea #seahorse #seashell #rope #rose liked this tattoo picture! Best Tattoos Designs Ever Click Here :

Ship tattoo sketch

Realistic Girl sketch tattoo - Tattoosgallaries

this is so amazing! I wonder what "category/type" of Tat this is, looks like a sketch on paper/ never seen anything like it, except these few i am ganna post shortly-SO my new thing, they art stunning!

A Bird for my grandma. But most likely her favorite Bird Tattoo Ideas | tattoos picture tattoo sketches

Watercolor Sketch Realistic Wolf. Tattooed by @Javi Wolf

eagle tattoo sketch graphic skull

deviantART: More Like Tea cup quote tattoo sketch by ~Nevermore-Ink