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Teen Vouge


Vogue Marching, Teen Vogue, Chloë Grace, Marching 2013, Teenvogue, Chloe Moretz, Grace Moretz, Moretz Teen, Chloe Grace

Set Designer Kadu Lennox [Portfolio:] x TeenVogue x August_2012_2

Emma Watson ~ Teen Vogue

Demi Lovato wears @Marc Jacobs Intl in our November 2012 issue

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Celeb Diary: Shay Mitchell in Teen Vogue (aprilie 2013)

Teen vouge :) :D xxx

Ariana grande teen Vouge. she i sso pretty

ONE DIRECTION⬆ •Niall Horan •Zayn Malik •Liam Payne •Harry Styles •Louis Tomlinson


Niall Horan

Justin Bieber ♥

Girls Crushes, Teen Vogue, Ninadobrev, Dobrev Teenvogue, Vampires Diaries, April 2011, Teenvogue 2011, Nina Dobrev, Vogue Covers

demi lovato is class.

selena gomez = my style inspiration

Teen Vogue Photoshoot! I know he's young.... But he is very beautiful !

Selena Gomez September 2012

Taylor Swift March 2009

Ariana Grande Style Winter, Ariana Grande'S, Ariana Grande Outfits 2014, Ariana Grande Winter Style, Ariana Style, Ariana Grande Coats, Ariana Grande Style Outfits, Ariana Fashion

Teen Vogue, Arianagrande, Ariana Grande, Fashion Art, Teenvogue, February 2014, Teen Vouge, Vogue Magazines, Magazines Covers

  • Tianna

    I understand where ur coming frm but on ur previous comment u were just havin an ongoing rant! I just believe tht I personally prefer film stars, singers etc then models because it akes me feel ugly tht I unfotunatly cud never be tht skinny or flawless. they just seem like a fake person and not who they want to be! Whereas other celebrities seem like real people who teen grls can relate to. but to be honest I just love the magazine and im fortunate to be able to buy it, then flip out who the cover star is

  • Morgan Connelly

    Tianna, in the reccent year Justin Bieber was on the magazine. Last time I checked, he was unworthy to uphold the title of young fashion as the name implies. I love this magazine cover to cover--the fashions they feature and the new talents they discover. All are amazing. It just bugs me that T.V. stands behind certain talents who promote wearing their pants so low that we see their Giorgio Armani underwear. All I ask is that they show someone that goes outside the normal cover person just like every other magazine has. I have high standards for TV, a magazine whose parent is the most popular go-to fashion magazine of all time. That's all.

  • Madison


  • Tianna

    give them a break and stop complaining! its a great mag and each cover star is different

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Emma Watson


Liam's cover for Teen Vouge

Shay Mitchell - Teen Vouge April 2013