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Teletubbies are the creepiest thing from my childhood

Some things are funnier than they have a right to be

OK 1 I remember Teletubbies all too well and yeah I thought the baby was a boy too!

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Still holds the record for the amount of time I spent hypnotized while watching my grandson. Time stopped when the Teletubbies were on. Weird.

Teletubbies Were The Weirdest Thing : theBERRY

teletubbies!! how is it that my childhood tv show Is now my worst nightmare?! sooooo creepy..

When people follow me I get really scared that they'll judge me based on the amount of 5SOS pictures I pin. ANYWAY HERE'S A PICTURE OF TELETUBBIES.

Lol black and white life of pi po teletubies

Teletubbies (1997-2001) [365 ep], Wood/Davenport; Kids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You know Niall watched this growing up. No doubt about it xD

Teletubbies. Umm....this is how you know I was born in the 90's.


♥ Teletubbies ♥ There's this home video I have where I'm coloring a Teletubbies themed coloring book lol. I still have my Teletubbies plush toys! :')♥


Two of my faves together - Teletubbies and the Beatles. Grew up on them!!!

your favorite show when you were very little. you loved the yellow "LaLa". now whenever i hear or see a Teletubby i smile with thoughts of you :)

...and I'm calling it the "teletubby dance" from now on.

OMG that's creepy. OMG, I'm going to have nightmares. Must. Repin.


Teletubbies unmasked. The illusion is shattered!!!

Some of the Avengers (Teletubbies version) xD

Teletubbies. These things are so scary... it's hard to think that I actually watched and LIKED this show!!! kinda creepy now...