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"Every book is a tardis, innocuous on the outside, bigger on the inside and able to transport you through time and space." #Books #Quote

In Google Maps you can go inside and wander around in The TARDIS -Check it out my fellow Whovians! Holy Crap!!!


Adventure time Grab your companion We'll go through time and relative dimension With the Doctor And his TARDIS The fun will never end... British sci-fi time!

One time my teacher played the Tardis sound during class to see who would respond, and my friend and I looked exactly like that.

How to build your own Tardis. Don't know if I could actually do this, but at least now I know how! For the hubby.

TARDIS and the Doctor! Love it! Urgghh, now I'm jealous. I want a cute Whovian boyfriend to cosplay with. Oh well. Kudos to them, though, they're an awesome couple! Rock on!

Lego Tardis // example to show the boys so they can build it to put with their daleks they came up with

Where was this idea when I was in my Clay Classes?? A missed opportunity for sure. Also, if I have to have a teapot, this is the one I want.

Doctor Who "Good cup of tea" Tenth Doctor hand painted quote mug with TARDIS - Large turquoise mug. $14.00, via Etsy.

Tardis Clock IT MAKES THE TARDIS SOUND!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I would wake up cuz of the "vworp, vworp" sound XD

The T.A.R.D.I.S. seems like a fun place to walk around in, even though you could get lost in 30 seconds.

Doctor Who Tardis USB Flash Drive - a real tardis flash drive, unlike the little pink one I have. Hehe.

Repinning for the simple fact that the TARDIS is listed at the top with the actors :]

I can't even watch this part of the episode. I turn it off right as Donna and the Doctor get into the TARDIS on the beach at Badwolf. Rose has TenToo and the DoctorDonna and Ten are off to party in the universe. Everyone happy.

Tardis case - reblogged from createcult: TARDIS Phone Case For all the lovely Doctor Who fans… Diy can be found here :)

The TARDIS, all of the rooms explored so far.

how the TARDIS sound was made - this is awesome!

Doctor Who : The TARDIS, next stop anywhere! Do you really think that it could park inside itself though? YES!

"Toby!" "Rory!" "The TARDIS!" Even though it's a serious moment, I laugh every time the Doctor embraces the TARDIS in joy. #DoctorWho #EleventhDoctor #TheCurseOfTheBlackSpot