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The Tardis

#DoctorWho #DIY door project... for the laundry room which now serves as the #Tardis - wonder what hubs would think if he came home to THAT!

Whovians are beautiful people who do beautiful things.

Don't need to tell me twice!! The TARDIS shows up, I'm gone, no questions asked.

The Tardis Corset----Mayfaire Moon is creating a stunning Dr. Who corset, modeled after the TARDIS. The finished project will include lights and sounds--a corset with lights and sounds...funny!

I love this shot. It's such a different angle of the TARDIS.

Proof that The TARDIS is real?! " I found this in a book and had to assemble it to show my Whovian friends. It is a manuscript border from the 16th century shows Rory and Amy in fezzes, a weeping angel baby AND THE TARDIS!"

Funny TV Ecard: If I have to explain another Doctor Who reference I'm going to put on my fez, adjust my bow tie, get in the TARDIS and find someone who gets it.

I like that the TARDIS isn't fully accepting of Clara. It's always hard to accept a new companion, but Clara makes it extra hard.

I knew the words at the top of the TARDIS console were previous companions, I just didn't know which was which!

I love how much river loves and cares for the tardis but it also scares me cause i always think of the doctor dying and river takes the tardis as her last memory of the doctor and because of the fact that it is the most powerful spaceship. I mean... why else would she properly know how to fly the tardis.

  • Maureen Ruane

    She knows how to fly the TARDIS because she is a child of the TARDIS and part Time Lord - she was born with the knowledge to fly the TARDIS...

  • Amy Young

    And she was conceived on the TARDIS. That's gotta be relevant.

  • Amy Faircloth

    River dying in silence in the library has no relevance to her taking the TARDIS when the Doctor dies because they meet in the wrong order. They would each be there for the others deaths.

  • Lynn-z Bermudez

    Sadness all around :(

  • Shae McCarthy

    Also, the Doctor's with the TARDIS in Trenzalore.

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:) happiness in one picture

My Lonely Angel

OH MY GOSH. click this picture and then follow the instructions to get a tour of the TARDIS. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE (almost :)

The TARDIS - along with some of The Doctor's best quotes.

This is one of my favorite episodes EVER!! I love the TARDIS. "Did you wish really hard?" Hahahaha!

I train dragons now. Dragons are cool. Looks like the Doctor regenerated a little differently this time

I've started watching Doctor Who (the newer series beginning in 2005 w/the 9th Doctor) and it's so good! I feel like I'm going to be sucked into this fandom and not be able to get out, oh well, I don't mind.

22 Incredible Bookshelves, Libraries and Bookcase Hacks - TARDIS bookcase!

If only this were an actual movie...

THE WIT AND WEIRDNESS OF AL BRUNO III: Has the Whoniverse ever been so cute? Check out 'Blink And Seek' by Patrick Ballesteros!

And go in adventures in the TARDIS and land in front of 221b Baker Street to start a rebellion to stop the Hunger Games. BOOM! My life is complete now :)