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Thor Cake

Eat My Design: Thor's Hammer Cake

The Noodles Birthday is Wednesday! We are Celebrating in big style here on STFD he would like to give away 6 amazing creations to some of our lucky fans...we also have Tshirt Giveaways, Bingo, Trivia and so much more...your save the date is on its way!

Captain America and Thor Birthday Cake! Julie this is awesome!!!! He would love this one!!!

My family would love this for their birthdays - including Eddie! justice league fondant by Divine Cakes Iloilo, via Flickr

This is a bourbon chocolate cake with a raspberry swirl, raspberry buttercream and fondant. I had never heard of Thor's Hammer until I got this request. For anyone else as clueless as me :P it's a Norse god, and the reason they wanted it for a cake was because the birthday boy (age 36) wears a Thor's Hammer pendant.

Thor Cake - interesting story with it. I would substitute molasses for the treacle if you con't find it.

clearly need this cake, pref. in all marvel levels so let’s add some thor, iron man, deadpool, with gambit or wolverine on top = loveeee.

Thor Cake

Super Hero's Cake I want this for my next Birthday!! but instead of spiderman and hulk I want Thor and Wonder Woman.

Super Hero Cake. If someone made me this for my birthday I'd love them forever. Except it would have to be Thor and Captain America of course...

THIS is the cake, minus Superman and Batman as they aren't Marvel...substitute with THOR and Captain America!

Thor cake. Ok, yeah, I need one of these.

Marvel Superhero Cake with Hulk, Spider-man, Captain America, Thor, and Iron-man

Tri-tier Spiderman theme cake with Thor Hulk Wolverine and Ironman figurines.JPG

Thor's Hammer cake pops, step by step instructions

... Captain America, Ironman, Thor) by tasteandseecakesaz on Cake Central

Brown butter carmel apple cake photographed Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the San Francisco Chronicle studio. Photo: Thor Swift, SFC / SF

CupCakes Cookies Cakes: Thor, Hulk and other The Avengers cupcakes plus The Hunger Games bonus cupcakes by The Crazy Cupcakes

Thor Cake (made with black treacle, or blackstrap molasses as it’s known in North America)