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Tide Pods

Spring cleaning tips + a free printable on ...These IKEA containers make a great storage space for the Tide PODS! Dress up your laundry room. ;)

Penguin Craft from Tide Pods Bottle. making this! have so many empty pods containers i love penguins

Care Package for Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend! Included: Floss picks, body wash, tide pods and tide to go pens, color catchers and axe body spray!

I love Tide Pods but these worked even better at getting stains out of our CARPET! I just put two pods in my Hoover Carpet Cleaner and stirred it up a bit with the hot water. I hadn't cleaned our carpet in several weeks and was nervous I wouldn't be able to get up the various stains that have amassed in our house with 5 pets!

Penguin Craft from Tide Pods Bottle. making this! have so many empty pods containers i love penguins

Tide PODS container creation. Amazing what you can do with spray paint and some stickers ;)

Mini trash can for my Mini Cooper. It's a tide Pods container I painted and just put a small trash bag in :)

Turn your tide pod container into a Halloween bucket!

focal bead in shades of blue. I did a base of silver glass with three rows of opposing Ivory dots. Multiple layers of silver glass were laid down and then covered with clear. I got a very pretty light streaky blue for the center row of dots and a deep streaky blue for the top and bottom rows. I also did accent dots in between in ivor

Laundry Detergent Pods Poisoning Children. Not only are the chemicals poisonous but so is the branding. When did Tide get in the candy business?

Use the Tide Pods sample box to make an American Girl doll washing machine.

DIY Tide Pods Fish Lamp, don't throw your container away just yet, transform it into a whimsical lamp for just a few bucks and your imagination. Great Kids Project with a bit of mom's help!

Recycled DIY Tide Pods Container Lamp, great kids room decor with something you have in your laundry room! Great craft project for kids with a little help from mom

College Gift Basket: tide pods, tide stain remover, clothes hamper, air freshener, hand sanitizer, earplugs, sleeping mask, tissues, Q-Tips/ cotton balls, first aid kit, triple antibiotic ointment, rubbing alcohol, hot cold packs, Tums, Aspirin, Midol, Ibuprofen, all day pain relief, allergy relief, and sleep aid.

Restoring Old Towels to New Again | After soaking in bathtub with bleach and hot water, she suggests you throw one Tide POD into the basin with the towels, and where you usually put liquid detergent in the tray, instead add 1/3 cup of white distilled vinegar. Regular towel setting of warm/cold and BAM.

We created a Mickey Mouse Valentines box made from a recycled Tide Pods container.

Go to costco the day before you leave for college and get everything on this list

I made this military care package myself. I included in it tons of shower goodies, razors, tooth paste, mouth wash, shaving cream, shampoo, body wash, face wash, I also threw in some 'smell good' items for laundry while he is deployed. Like tide pods bounce febreeze sheets. Now his uniforms will smell just like I washed them!:)

Pumpkins that I made out of Tide Pod containers

Turning Tide Pods Container into a fish bowl