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Tornado Craft

Awesome tornado art/sewing card by Melissa!

UPCYCLED ORANGINA BOTTLE SAND TIMER Got a couple of empty Orangina bottles? You can make a cute sand timer with some colorful sand and one of those bottle connectors that kids use for tornado science projects! If you can't find one, you could connect the bottles together with duct tape and put a small piece of cardstock with a hole in it between the bottles. A group of these in different colors would be cute in a kid's room or arts/crafts room!

Crafts with the kids: Tornado in a bottle

Crafts with the kids: Tornado in a bottle

what craft can you make out of a 2 liter bottle | Tornado in a Bottle | Fun Family Crafts

Use these simple tips to recognize types of clouds, learn how to predict a tornado and craft an easy DIY rain gauge and barometer. Originally published as an insert entitled

Tornado craft ... Draw several ovals increasing in size, cut them out, have children paste them as shown.

Tornado Relief Fund & Getting my “craft” on!

Tornadoes: What We Know (Schema), What We Learned. Cute craft too.

5 ways to explore Air and Wind through experiments on Hot and Cold air movements as well as air pressure, two DIY crafts making your own weathervane and wind chimes from recyclables, an experiment with a tornado in a jar plus printable worksheet

Oil water and food coloring... starting of fun to do with kids... maybe add a second bottle to create a tornado bottle good for science projects!

Tornado in a bottle - did this craft for my 4th grade science project! I was obsessed with tornadoes. :)

Pecos Bill: A Tall Tale by Steven Kellogg. A charming retelling of the incredibly tall tale of Pecos Bill. Follow Bill's Texas adventures as he is raised by coyotes, tames giant rattlesnakes, lassos tornadoes and becomes one of the greatest folk tale cowboys ever! Provides a good introduction to American mythology. Grade Level: 2. Reading Level: N. Craft: Descriptive language, use of dialogue explores regional dialect and compares, contrasts with written text.

First Last!: Weather crafts and experiments

Family Night - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. spaghetti dinner, dessert - (Ferraro Rocher, piped buttercream, thinned jam), meatball house hunt, picture craft, tornado in a bottle, sensory box, spell words with spagetti, decorate hanging magazine cut outs of food

Tornado Bottle. Easy and fun tornado/weather craft


Twisted Tornado Lake: Craft Room Ideas

tornado craft ideas - Buscar con Google

Lanyard Crafts | The Work Is Getting To Me How amazing is that lanyard!? Definitely nothing like what we used to make at camp. TWIGTM goes through tutorials on a couple of styles of lanyards - tornado...

Akiko Ikeuchi makes these incredibly delicate sculptures out of silk thread

"Depois de um fim-de-semana rodeada de churras e de cobertores de papa mal vi que este novo fio da retrosaria tinha saído na sexta-feira tive que lá ir – e posso dizer que fiquei mais do que surpreendida pela positiva. (...) Adoro a sua versatilidade e o facto de ser um fio mais grosso do que costumo usar. É capaz de se ter tornado um dos meus fios favoritos não só pelo seu valor cultural mas também porque é verdadeiramente versátil e dá resultados incríveis."