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Tropical Leaves

Not my photo and I generally don't appreciate tropically in zone 5, bot these velvety black leaves are exquisite! I have a few smaller rhizomes for containers.

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Princess flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) is a glorious addition to tropical and sub-tropical gardens. Its large purple flowers and soft hairy leaves add interest and a burst of color to any landscape. It can also can be used as an indoor container plant in cooler regions, if full light and warmth is provided. Though it is usually a shrub here, it sometimes becomes large enough to form a small ornamental tree.

Red Leaves, Tropical Plant -- Croton

Take Advantage of Texture Big, bold tropical plants create a lush feel. Their large leaves can change the scale of a small space to help it feel larger. (Plus, many tropical plants are super cool!)

Add a Tropical Punch | Bringing the Tropics to your doorstep is a breeze with this combo: giant-leaved, sunny ‘Maui Gold’ elephant’s ear; heavily blooming, fiery orange SunPatiens; velvety, fragrant citronella plant; purple iridescent Persian shield; and a heavenly skirt of angel vine spilling down the sides. |

Cannas give container gardens vertical interest with their bright flowers dramatic large leaves. This tropical garden classic will create eye catching drama. Grow in full sun moist soil.

Giant leaves of ‘Black Magic’ elephant ear (Colocasia esculenta) are not only colorful, but their tropical-looking foliage combines well with the patriotic colors of ‘Pacifica Red’ periwinkle, white caladiums and ‘Blue Daze’ evolvulus.

Alocasia are a group of ornamental plants known for their foliage more than their flowers.  Some have very large leaves with striking colors.  Native to many areas of the world, these exotic plants give a different flair to the garden.  Many have tubers or rhizomes below the ground.  Some species are not cold hardy at all while others can live easily in Southern California.  Some species are dwarf tropical plants while others get up to about 10 feet.

Medinilla 'Magnifica' ... gorgeous exotic, pendulos, powder-pink flowers houseplant with oval dark-green leaves!

Black Magic Elephant Ears...these are so beautiful and the bulbs are so expensive! I want to do these all along a retaining wall...about 100 feet,,,I wonder how many I will need?

Canna Striata Cannas are tropical and subtropical bulbs from the Americas that are invaluable to the garden in summer and autumn. The flowers range from complex and colorful to simple and subtle, and their large leaves grow from 4-10ft. Canna 'Striata' is a beauty with leaves striped in thin bands of golden-yellow (it also goes by the names Bengal Tiger and 'Pretoria'). The leaves are translucent and glow warmly in backlit situations. Orange flowers top the display. Use 'Striata' as an accent in the border or in containers (one per 18in pot). Provide full sun and regular watering. Rhizomes may be dug to spend winter indoors in cold climates. Perennial in Zones 7-10.

Use big pieces: petite furniture makes a small space seem tinier. Keep the color range narrow. Use analogous colors—Too many competing hues in a tight space are jarring. Take advantage of vertical space. Reinforce your theme. Go for a lush look—giant leaves (elephant’s ear), bright plants (croton), and glamorous tropical flowers (orchids, brome­liads, ginger).

Horsetail Reed Deep green, jointed stems have an interesting Tropical look. The rush-like slender stems appear without leaves or flowers. Best used in containers, troughs or in contained ponds. Evergreen in warm climates.

Gladiolus 'Catharina'. I had mine in pots this year. In early to mid summer they have tall green spikey leaves, which add height interest at the centre of a potted arrangement. In the late summer and fall, they produce lush, tropical-iike blossoms.

Tropical Garden grass and sedge wit rock and water and some big leaved plants

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Dwarf Banana Tropical Flair for Your Home Imagine plucking tasty 4-in. bananas from your very own tree! 2- to 5-ft. plant adorned with large, glossy green leaves will produce fruit within 3-5 years. Potted

Bromeliads. LOVE this plant. it's too cold to keep outside so i think i'm going to get one and leave it indoors all year round. very tropical!

Creative use of tropicals at Chanticleer Garden, Wayne, Pennsylvania....Love the big-leaved tropical red banana and the colors...

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How to Care for Peace Lilies Mist the leaves several times a week with a spray bottle. Peace lilies thrive in the high humidity levels of the tropics, so, in addition to watering the soil, regularly mist your lily with a spray bottle to replicate the humid air of the rain forest. Mist your plant more frequently in the summer growing season - the more water you can supply the blooms, the healthier it will be.

Dwarf Banana Tree With beautiful rosy flowers and large tropical leaves, this pretty tree bears edible fruit in less than two years. Grow in bright light indoors in winter; move pot outdoors in summer.

Agave attenuata - Eventually growing to 4' to 5' tall and wide, with clusters of pups tucked under its leaves, Agave attenuata is best planted where it can spread out. Pups are easily removed, but the cluster is quite striking. Tiny pale green flowers become many new plantlets that can be plucked off the stem and rooted. Native to Mexico, this is a tropical agave, prefers partial shade to scorching sun and looks best with regular water.