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Tropical Leaves

Purple Gladiolus Any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly coloured funnel-shaped flowers; widely cultivated

Black Magic Elephant Ears: Glossy leaves up to 2 ft. long, with deep purple color. Towering form, 5-6 ft. tall. Best planted in full to partial shade and moist soil. Plant 2 - 4" below soil level. Keep well watered. Best to mulch if not grown in standing water. The foliage emerges green then turns black. Huge, oval leaves up to 2' + long and 18" wide. Deep purple-black. Ornamental from mid summer to frost.

Elephant Ear -If you're going for a lush and tropical look, grow one of the large-leaved arum relatives known as elephant ear. Large varieties such as 'Borneo Giant' (Alocasia 'Borneo Giant', zones 9 to 11) reaching up to 12 feet tall. Most varieties are more modest — dappled lime-green leaves of 'Mojito' (Colocasia 'Mojito', zones 7 to 11) or the nearly black ones of Black Magic (Colocasia 'Black Magic', zones 7 to 11).

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Bamboo Hedge Multiplex--It's an extremely fast grower that gives you a quick, dense, uniform hedge. You see more and more high-end neighborhoods using bamboo hedges. They have a tropical feel and give your landscape that "classy" look. It's a low-maintenance plant. It's an evergreen, too, so you don't have to worry about the leaves creating a mess. Grows in zones 7-11.

Suspended in the center of a tripod made of 6 foot Bamboo Poles, the soothing combination of yellow Cymbidium, white Dendrobiums, white and green Calla Lilies and varied tropical leaves is a lovely variation on the usual Sympathy presentation.

Hawaii garden, the smooth, coffee- and apricot-hued leaves of ti plants (Cordyline fruticosa) contrast with a blue fan palm’s corrugated fronds and elephant’s ear’s wavy green leaves. Mounded red and green tillandsias add punch in the foreground.

The Kalanchoe plant (genus Kalanchoe), a tropical succulent plant with thick, waxy leaves and clusters of tubular flowers. They are grown as houseplants and often cultivated as ornamentals

flower arrangements monstera leaves | Flower Arrangements: Ikebana, Tropical and Contemporary

Found the original photo at this site. Still no info but it's a start. I have to find out what this plant is!

The teacup garden champions leafy tropicals. This medley includes the bananas Musa ‘Siam Ruby’ and Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii,’ Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi,’ and Echium candicans ‘Select Blue.’ The orange-leaf plant is Solenostemon scutellarioides, and the bromeliad in front of the ensete is Vriesea ospinae var. gruberi.

Blakea subconnata. A shrub or small tree, usually less than 5 m tall, ... glossy green leaves, white or pinkish flowers followed by small, bright red fruits.

15 of the easiest house plants to keep alive with tips on how they grow and how to water and position for best sun

Canna - tropical plants,I love these and so easy to grow!Great focal point in a planter.

Canna Bengal Tiger--Bold chartreuse & green striped leaves & orange flowers! Loves hot sun. Great in pots or massed in the ground. Use with bright chartreuse foliage and fuchsia flowers.Plant Details: Plant Type: Tropical Hardiness: Zone 8 - 11 Height: Up to 72" Spread:Up to 24"

The lime green dracaena Jenny Craig is another great tropical plant suitable for containers in shady places. The strappy leaves cascade like water from a fountain. The variegated licorice petticoat pictured above provides some width that helps to balance the composition.

paw paw (Asmina triloba) is the largest fruit indigenous to the eastern United States. It grows as an understory tree, with large tropical-seeming leaves, and produces fruit that some say taste like a combination between a mango and a banana. *Want one in my garden :)

Princess flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) is a glorious addition to tropical and sub-tropical gardens. Its large purple flowers and soft hairy leaves add interest and a burst of color to any landscape. It can also can be used as an indoor container plant in cooler regions, if full light and warmth is provided. Though it is usually a shrub here, it sometimes becomes large enough to form a small ornamental tree.

Nepenthes villosa is a spectacular species of tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes), a group of carnivorous plants equipped with large, modified, pitcher-shaped leaves that trap and digest small organisms. You can find it at an altitude of 3300 meter near the summit of Mount Kinabalu in northeastern Borneo.

Cannas give container gardens vertical interest with their bright flowers & dramatic large leaves. This tropical garden classic will create eye catching drama. Grow in full sun & moist soil.