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T shirt for twirlers.... Ya I'm almost 39 & I would totally still wear this. I still love baton& all my twirling family!!!!

Pretty twirling makeup ♥ to catch the judges eye! ;)

Baton Twirler Majorette Personalized Monogram TWO Color Vinyl Decal on Etsy, $2.50

Very true it's very hard work 2-4 min routines point toes keeping your head up keeping your free hands perfect catching perfectly you can't twirl if u don't love it

I am going to notre dame for nationals next year I should probably do my nails like this

A baton Twirler's prayer LOVE THIS!!

Twirling...This sport takes guts! it isent just tossing a stick IT WAYYYYY MORE THEN THAT

Baton Twirling. My life. Yes, this is truly the only talent besides being a mommy that god has blessed me with.

Pretty much relatable..

Something I'm trying to remember as I take on my 3rd year with 3 baton && some difficult tricks.

Change the background (and the "perform" to "play") and it could be for any sport!

Baton Twirler Necklace with crystal beadwork Fast by CorsoStudio, $15.99

Baton Lessons were such a fun activity as a kid and I loved it!

baton twirling | My life | my friend says if it isnt a sport id like to see u do half the stuff i do

Baton twirling ♡ this awesome sport! !!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was still remotely flexible enough to take a photo like this!

Baton Twirling Wipe Out Drops! Hand Towel

I ask my father this. Of course I was told that I wasn't suppose to be doing that inside, go outside! LOL