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Violin Tattoo

violin tattoo - Google Search

Violin Tattoo Design - Idea by *Scream-Deafening on deviantART

Stringed instrument tattoo

My violin here, more white roses up my side and end with a quote "Love never ends..." on my shoulder! Perfect!

Violin Tattoo Designs | Tattoo Violin

Sharpie Tattoo- White Violin by bueatiful-failure

raven tattoo, but I want an owl/dream catcher

Ok, I don't like the cigarette (it's funny, but not for me...) BUT this did have me thinking, similar tattoo of the "worlds smallest violin" haha, get it?

I like this idea. I might just put both on me. But if I do a friendship tattoos I would make the violin smaller so it is about the same size as the gun

Violin Tattoo Designs | Designs & Interfaces / Tattoo Design ©2010-2013 ~ zuriam

Violin tattoo. Probably should be a bit lower on the back. But for a violin player like me, this is amazing! Maybe ill get one like this. Its so elegant.

cher lloyd music tattoo.. i want something like this... in memory of my violin :D

F-holes of a violin to be tattooed to the inside of my left wrist.

Violin tattoo

Violin Tattoo Designs | violin 3 years ago in tattoo design 0 comments more like this

Violin tattoo...somewhere, oh yes...when I earn them, I will have them!

Somehow I corporate roses into this....

vintage sketched flowers... reminds me of my violin