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Violin Tattoo

Violin and mountain laurel tattoo done on the one and only Katrina

Love it. Might get a violine tattoo one day ☺️❤️

Violin Tattoo Designs | Pin Royalty Free Fiddle Clip Art Image Picture 150058 on Pinterest love this it would be so nice on my wrist

Melody of the Violin Finger Tattoo

I usually don't like tattoos with violins so literally represented, but this is awesome

My Violin/ F-holes tattoo. ♥ love it!!!

My violin here, more white roses up my side and end with a quote "Love never ends..." on my shoulder! Perfect!

violin tattoo - Google Search

salvationtattoo: Marc’s other hand, violin! — Joel

Violin Back Tattoo

flower violin tattoo

this tattoo is over used but like it to represent my violin roots, possibly on my collarbone

Violin f-holes tattoo.

Tiny tat! i usually hate music tattoos but i like the idea of getting a tiny violin just outlined on one of my fingers (on the inside of a finger on my bow hand, not my fingering hand, potentially too distracting and less professional, in my opinion for auditions and such)

day of the dead tattoo by freda

Violin Tattoo Design - Idea by *Scream-Deafening on deviantART

Violin Tattoo Designs | Tattoo Violin

My grandfather left me one of his pocket watches when he passed away. I was thinking a Pocket watch tattoo with the lyrics "precious memories how the linger" as this is the name of the first song i learned when he taught me how to play the violin as a little girl.

Violin "F" hole. Idea for tattoo on my sides.

Violin Tattoo Designs | Wandtattoo Violine