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Visiting Teaching

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Little LDS Ideas: {Visiting Teaching} The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Light of the World. Two great printables for March VT Message

VISITING TEACHING IS NEVER DONE!!!!!!! Lots of Visiting Teaching ideas to go for every month

Monthly visiting teaching printables! Guess what my sisters are getting this month. I love this idea.

Visiting Teaching Message January 2014 - Free Printable

Visiting Teaching Gift - August 2013 - The topic is "Welfare" (from the August 2013 Ensign) and they've included a roll of LifeSavers with a tag that says, "Saving Souls One Sister at a Time." Brightly colored and simple this gift will be sure to please. Hope it will inspire sisters worldwide to truly be a "Lifesaver" to others.

July Visiting Teaching Handout. From Marci Coombs Blog

May Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas. From Marci Coombs' Blog

NEW October LDS Visiting Teaching Handout by bowpeepcreations

Sister Beck said, “In reality, visiting teaching is never finished. It is more a way of life than a task. Faithfully serving as a visiting teacher is evidence of our discipleship.” This Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel is meant to inspire us to watch over our sisters a little better – to be mindful every day of ways we can contact, influence and uplift those in our care.

Christmas Ornament for under $1--good idea for neighbor gifts or for visiting teaching sisters.

October 2013 Visiting Teaching Message LDS :: The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Creator

June Visiting Teaching Handout

Visiting Teaching Gift Ideas

This is Bleach! Place tree trimmings on a dark fabric (such as denim shown here) and spray over with bleach! The outcome is this :) a beautiful pattern that can be done at home!

Heidi Swapp: Silhouette Banners. Join Heidi Swapp as she shares how she teaches you one of her favorite word banner techniques using her Silhouette electronic cutter to make some "pretty stuff." For more inspiring ideas visit Heidi's site at

October 2013 Visiting Teaching Gift "It is a Treat to know the Creator" order yours today for $3.75!

Christmas gifts for RS, YW's or ladies I visit teach. A simple metal star with foam letters and spray paint would work!

Pink Polka Dot Creations: Visiting Teaching Handout- May 2013 "Sweet is the Work" pocket with wrapper. Free Printable

Oct 2013 Visiting Teaching Handouts

Visiting Teaching handout with message! Could hand out with honey or honey candy as well.