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Watch Disney Movies

Mary Poppins= my favorite Disney movie growing up....watched 15-16 times a day in my crib jumping up and down to the music

Kida is one of Disney's coolest princesses, and Atlantis was an awesome movie. I'm still bitter that it tanked, even after all this time ;___;

He's back! What happened after the Disney movie. (Watch for the music because the words are sad :))

Zombie Disney princesses **Strangely awesome

Legit last night I was youtubing for some AP study help and wound up watching the 10 saddest deaths of disney movies :_(

I've been sick lately and Disney movies seem to be the only thing I watch :)....... It's about more than golfing, boating, and beaches; it's about a lifestyle KW

okay so the Lion King was one of my favorite disney movies. I've pretty much seen them all and there only a select few that i'll never forget and I know I want my kids to watch them somebody.

Disney's Bambi and Thumper...Bambi was the very 1st Disney movie I watched.

Lion King - the only movie that I still love after all these years. The only movie I still cry and laugh in after watching it so many times. The only Disney movie that truly shaped my life ♥

Favorite Disney princess. Ever.// I love the fact that, even thought she's not a princess, Mulan makes people respect her. Fave Disney movie EVER. This is what my daughters will grow up watching.

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One of the movies I watched EVERY Halloween (as 7-year-old kid, this movie was as scary as it got!!)

How funny!! I only have noticed Scar in Hercules and Mrs. Potts and Chip in Tarzan. - I think I need to re-watch those other Disney movies again - which would easily annoy my siblings because I am constantly quoting from a vast majority of Disney movies!

"Having watched Frozen recently, I was surprised to see the angle that Disney took in their Disney Princess franchise by showing how true lo...

Is Snooki orange? Of course I want to come over and watch Disney movies while having a Nerf fight. Thats not even a question, its more like, How fast can you get here for Disney Nerf?

Old Disney Movies That show was like the only reason I watched tv in the fall!

Hahahaha!!!! I actually thought it was just about Olaf and Sven, cause when you went to a movie theater to watch another movie and the trailer just had Olaf and Sven

This clip of Tom Hiddleston recording a song for the new Disney movie The Pirate Fairy is almost too much to handle. | You Need To Watch This Video Of Tom Hiddleston As A Singing Pirate

"Athena, Ariel, Melody- No idea who Athena and Melody are.. looks like I have some Disney movie watching to do..." Woooooow... Athena is Ariel's mom. Melody is her daughter...

The Princess and The Frog cinema poster here to find out more

Some Disney characters humanized. The Three Caballeros was my favorite Disney movie to watch when I was a kid!

I absolutely love finding nemo!! I haven't watched it in a while but I need too!!

Community Post: 21 Disney Channel Movies You Should Re-Watch This Summer... I remember ALL of these!

Tarzan! Ive been watching this movie all week like three times already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obbsessed w/ disney movies!

Oh, I loved this movie - loved Bambi - but wow, I saw it years later as an adult and parts of it...the hunters...Bambi losing his mother - was really tough to watch! But gorgeous gorgeous animation.