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Watch Disney Movies

This is my mother's favorite Disney movie scene. Whenever I see this movie I look forward to watching her quote it as it's playing, I love my mom :)

Ha I noticed ALL of this while watching the movies :) I love how Disney does this

Watching this right now! I get all excited when they show disney movies on tv.

Disney movies are so much better when you're older because you catch jokes like these that you missed the first time :)

5) Bambi (1942) watched 1/31/14 ~I think this movie is quite beautiful, look at these scenes especially the backgrounds! It really is a work of art! Of course that can be said of most, if not all of the Disney movies, in my opinion.

Disney Whaaat? No way. Gonna watch the movie and time it now.. That is just weird, now I wanna know how much time the other ones are in there....

When Disney was doing it right. I want all of these movies :)

Lion King - the only movie that I still love after all these years. The only movie I still cry and laugh in after watching it so many times. The only Disney movie that truly shaped my life ♥

watched this movie at a sleep over with my best friend and some of her friends who i didn't know at all. we still bust up laughing at all the funny parts and got into arguments over the stupidest of stuff. why i am telling u this stuff is beyond me, but i am so deal with it and i don't care if u judge me.

Not going to lie almost every Disney movie I've watched recently has made me cry.(Up,Tangled,Frozen,Peter Pan,Mulan,and The Princess And The Frog)

Just watched this on Netflix...I always cry at this part...the music swells and I can't help it. Love this movie and I think I remembered you do too.

I just watched Idina Menzel get coronated as a Disney Queen, and I was being such a proud parent about it, and I almost started crying in the middle of a movie theater full of little kids. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life anymore, but I love it so much.

An absent-minded professor discovers "flubber," a rubber-like super-bouncy substance...oh wait that was the Disney movie -this is the Flubber recipe... but watch the movie too!

I caught this when I watched that movie. No one else really understood why I was laughing so hard...

Stitch and frog by Sasha Vinogradova, via Behance. Of all the Disney movies I get most emotial watching Lelo and Stitch. His loneliness strikes deep.

Disney Movies in Disney Movies. I'm definitely going to have to re-watch these movies to catch these.

In some ways, Disney becomes much funnier when you get older. I love how they are able to appeal to all generations. Even now, when I watch Disney movies I am amazed by how much I didn't understand when I was little. Though, it didn't diminish the experience in the least. Watching Disney when you are grown is like finding treasure all over again. It really is magic! ♥

This clip of Tom Hiddleston recording a song for the new Disney movie The Pirate Fairy is almost too much to handle. | You Need To Watch This Video Of Tom Hiddleston As A Singing Pirate

Favorite Disney princess. Ever.// I love the fact that, even thought she's not a princess, Mulan makes people respect her. Fave Disney movie EVER. This is what my daughters will grow up watching.

One of the movies I watched EVERY Halloween (as 7-year-old kid, this movie was as scary as it got back then!!)