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Watercolor Fox Tattoos

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.@emilynewgent | watercolor, prismacolors and copic markers :) lady/ floral/ fennec fox/ illustration/ tattoo flash

fantastic black watercolor tattoo fox design on girl's forearm

watercolor tattoo. I might actually consider a tat if it looked like this. Love foxes!

Lotus Flower - A lovely flower that can grow in mud and dirty water.

Fox water color. Would make a nice simple tattoo if done by the right artist.

50+ Examples of Fox Tattoo | Cuded

Watercolour Fox Art Print - Trusting Eyes Tattoo Idea... It's official: My fox tattoo is going to be a watercolor one!

Stunning Red Fox Illustrations Using Watercolors and Ink - Russia-based artist Alice Macarova that'd be a badass tattoo

Peafox Art Print. Peacock and Fox. Watercolor Art. via Foxisle Etsy.

Watercolor Foxes - Not tattoo worthy but for the shapes

Watercolor fox tattoo | Cuded But minus that circle thing behind it

WATERCOLOR FOX TATTOO | Love the style, though I wouldn't necessarily get a fox inked anywhere.

So pretty, I love watercolors. Done by Eastwitching on Etsy.

Watercolor fox tattoo, i dont think i will ever get a tattoo, but this one is pretty amazing.

Watercolor fox tattoo... in the place I want it, too

Creepy but I do like the linework style. Would be good with more symbolism inside and a splash of watercolor style.

watercolor tattoos - I really want one

Inspiration: Traditional American Tattoo Style Original Ghostly Fox Watercolor Painting Print Poster 8x10

spirit animal: cunning, strategy, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness, wisdom, passion, desire, intensity, expression, right-action, focus, determination

Watercolor painted fox? would make an awesome small tattoo!