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Weaving Projects

DIY on a wonderful weaving project for kids and grown-ups… I can’t wait to try it!

Looking for different paper weaving patterns. The Origami Resource Center offers some very cool projects!

Cardboard and thread insects. circles and ovals of corrugated cardboard with slits cut in the circumference, cross-wound with colored threads, chenille stem bits for antennae, acetate wings decorated with permanent markers

DIY Kids Craft - weave wheel. Rated 4/5 fir easiness. Tute ok but need to cut an uneven number of spaces around the wheel or it won't weave properly. Also make the circle at least bowl-size as you need room to cut off the wheel.

ericatanov: this reminds me of the the macrame board and weaving projects my sister and i would do at my dad’s house on the weekends when we were kids. i want to go back to doing this..

cute little pouches with small looms on the go projects. very inspirational, a big step up from the potholder looms.

weaving project for girls this summer

How to make a loom, and then use it to weave a 4-count fabric DIY - Craft Project

This is my favorite tapestry weaving video I've found so far - I love the peppy music and the kids really respond to part that shows the possible mistakes and how to avoid them.

krokbragd samples, Cheri's Latest Weaving Project by Rashki, via Flickr

Fantastic! I love this! A hula hoop loom, old t-shirt as the warp, and finger knitted strand as the weft. Great weaving and knitting project for children

Mini weavings remain on their cardboard looms, decorated, and then turned in to a wearable works of art.

How-to dry and process cattail leaves for later use in weaving cattail rush chair seats and baskets.

finger weaving - scarves twist loops of fabric through your fingers, add another loop, pull first fabric over each finger from back of hand toward palm, add another loop and repeat... this is very much like loom-knitting, except you can't stop until your done... LOL

Favorite Kid-Friendly Looms and Weaving Projects Round-Up - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Tree Tapestry: This weaving project looks lovely as a mobile, but you can also use it as a net for catching fairies. (Note: Results not guaranteed.) or thru the garden as a guard of honor along the fence

Ojos. "There are remarkably attractive – and this observation comes from somebody who thinks, in general, that yarn-weaving should be outlawed. I used to say that the person who invented macramé should be made to eat every piece of it ever made. (You missed the sixties, luckily, but the number of tan macramé plant-hangers in existence was greater than the population of the United States.)"

AMY Big HERRINGBONE Wool Black and White . French Shoulder Bag. ikabags' shop on etsy. $109.74

Recent bead weaving projects

Garden of Weavin' | Crafts | Spoonful. Van Gogh inspired weaving installation!