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Wire Lampshade

take an old lampshade, wrap the wire in tissue papers, use colored thread to string up broken jewelry, paper, button...whatever is sparkly

Parlour: Crocheted Wire how clever these would be as lampshades!

Snowman... a couple of little black circles, an orange triangle, a hand cut hat, and a scrap piece of wired ribbon for a scarf. Stick them all on a lampshade and voila, totally cute Snowman!!

Cool Crochet For Your Modern Home: These Crocheted Lampshades ($280) are made from copper wire in silver and blue. : This Giant Rope Pouf ($300) would be a great addition to a Summer porch. : Learn how to make this doily rug in Crafting a Meaningful Home, or purchase a ready-made one here.

Upcycled Copper Wire Pendant Lights (from ugly lampshades!) This is doable for even beginner DIYers!

Exquisite 'Feminine Round Lampshade' by Israeli designer Yael Falk. via the designer's shop Yoola on Etsy (Crochet Wire Jewelry, Patterns, Bridal Jewelry more!)

I really want a room with lighting like Brew Bar with lots of gorgeous lampshades. I want them wired up independently with multiple switches so that I can have a dim room or a SUPER bright room.

altered wire lampshade - Google Search

Upcycled lamp shade-I almost threw out an old, but not worn, lampshade just the other day! Better get some chicken wire, or some really nice fabric!

love this lampshade made from chicken wire and wooden clothes pegs...even better are the idiot proof step by step instuctions!

re-cover an old lampshade with fabric. (Make it rustic with tans/browns and add a couple pieces of barbed wire around the top and bottom!)

Okay, so I actually think this looks pretty crappy but it gives me an awesome idea to glue strands of pearls to the wire frame of a lampshade and then use it as a pretty outdoor chandelier hanging over my picnic table.

daily perfect moment: DIY: lampshade made from a wire hanger 1

lampshade from wire basket, fabric and IKEA light. maybe instead of fabric, I'd use a shimmery ribbon or even colored glass beads. so many possibilities, it can be changed for different occasions!