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Wire Lampshade

Cheap embellishment stand - use an old lamp, pull the "guts" out. Take and old lampshade, take the shade portion off leaving the wire form. Attach lamp shade to lamp and voila...embellishment stand!

I am going to sew buttons on strips of sheer material. Remove old shade cover. Paint the wire. Tie the strips from bottom to top all the way around & trim the ends. Or fold ends over & glue or stitch & then cover one side of ribbon with double sided fabric tape & run around top & bottom.

Flickr interior styling group

Make a waste (basket) out of your lampshade with chicken wire!

Wire Lampshade Cut a wire lampshade frame in half and crimp aluminum radiator grille around the frame. Line the grille with opaque art paper to diffuse the light. Use a light kit to wire the light, cut off the plug, and hard-wire the sconce to the wall. DIY Tip: Use a high-power, low-wattage LED light for long-lasting luminosity and to prevent the paper from getting too hot.

hang grapevine & bare lamp-shades and nail posts w/bare shades, sm hinged old-board displays, DIY cake-plate stands

1. Strip the lamp shade down to it's bare-bones wiring. 2. Wrap up the wire in scrap paper, doilies & fabric. 3. Create your dangling pieces by stringing cut-out scraps. 4. Attach strings, birds, butterflies, and whatever else comes to mind! This project can be as great as your imagination.

For a DIY shade, scout out an old wire lampshade frame. Cut narrow strips of different patterned fabric in coordinating colors. Starting at the top, wrap a strip of fabric around one of the metal spines, then stretch it over to the next one, working your way around the frame. Simply knot one strip to another as needed. Continue down to the base of the frame, securing strips with hot glue.

Twig Lamp Shade - made from an old wire shade and natural twigs - via Shabby Creek Cottage

Rock What Ya Got: Upcycled Copper Wire Pendant Lights (from ugly lampshades!) - Vintage Revivals

Button lamp shade. I like the look of the white buttons on wire, maybe for "icicles" to hang in the winter.

Old lampshade brings display together - cute alternative for cloche

The Oaks Tiffany style green butterfly lampshade is to be used with a ceiling light pendant. Easy fit, no electrical wiring required. Also available in other colours from Luxury Lighting.

♥ Stipje ♥: Lief Lampje van - cute lampshade - wire frame, with vintage doilies and lace joined together and attached to a light fixture:)

How-to: Crystal Garland Those orphaned chandelier crystals that you sometimes spot, tossed into baskets at flea markets or splayed on doilies at thrift shops, are much too beautiful to waste. Linked together with rings of wire, a strand of delicate prisms and pendants makes a dazzling lampshade fringe or a dressy mantelpiece garland, bending the ambient light to give shimmer and shine to an entire room.

Lampshades by Yoola made using a wire crochet technique called ISK, or invisible spool knitting.

lampshade + chicken wire = basket

Rock What Ya Got: Upcycled Copper Wire Pendant Lights (from ugly lampshades!) - Vintage Revivals

Metal rings from lampshades and metal rings made from coat hangers, covered with lace and turned into chandeleir