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Best. Cycling. Gloves. Ever. From AnaNichoola (lots of other fab women's cycling gear on sale too)

Bikes Provide An Answer - #infographic from AWCC - Abilene Women's Cycling Connection

Stay fit @ home with the help of Library resources. Take a look at fitness books and DVDs @ like "The Women's Fitness Book" at Call # 613.71 WOM

SOAS Racing Women's Cycling Arm Warmers at

Women's Cycling Sunglasses | Tifosi PODIUM S Sunglasses | Terry Bicycles

// // Menopause can be a difficult time for many women, marking the end of part of a cycle.  It is an often uncomfortable transitional period lasting many years.  Many of the women I love are curre...

Women's Cycling Helmet | Giro Amare Helmet | Terry Bicycles

The right fit: where you riding shoes / stand over bike / bounce on your heels / if your crotch touches the frame the bike is too big for you. clearance. CORRECT CLEARANCE for cycling on tar roads: 5cm; for unpaved and bumpy roads: 7,5 cm; for off-road: 10cm

IRONMAN Official Merchandise :: IRONMAN Women's Performance Cycling Shorts

weight training routines for women | ... might change over a 6-week cycle of football strength training

My new favorite jerseys. 2013-Moxie-Retropolitan-womens-tank-top-cycling-jersey

Louis Garneau Women's Equipe Shorts - Women's Cycling Clothing

31 Biking Tips from Elite Female Cyclists #1 “Get familiar with checking your tire pressure. Lots of women run way too much. Lower pressure helps with traction, cornering, and comfort while riding. Buy a gauge at a bike shop, start around 25 to 27 psi (or 110 psi for road bikes), and work from there. Feel free to play around with it and see what works for you.” — Georgia Gould, 33, Luna Pro Team -

Lose Belly Fat With Intervals. A recent study in the International Journal of Obesity revealed that "women who alternated cycling as fast as possible for 8 seconds with 12-second rest periods repeated for 20 minutes dropped 9.5 percent of their mushy middles, whereas those who cycled steadily for 40 minutes gained." If you need some interval training ideas to beat the bulge read more.

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We're about fierce feminine motivation & inspiration at La Bella Preme premier women's #cycling challenge in Malibu, CA June 1, 2013.

Maca root is a fantastic natural supplement for women who want to boost their fertility, regulate their menstrual cycles, and balance their hormones without the use of medication.

Seven essential cycling tips - advice for new cyclists

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The 18 Best Supplements for Women Read the one on melatonin...not only is it a sleep aid, but also helps in the frequency and duration of your menstrual cycle! NICE

Kristin Mayer dishes on her hot Betty Designs: Cycling, running and triathlon clothing for women

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