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Young Men's Fashion

mens fashion -all black, the only thing missing in this picture, is a little more style with that pocket square, which could be accomplished with the help of The Hanky Buddy!

20's mens fashion Sports Influence. Much of men's clothing in the 1920s took its cue from what popular athletes were wearing. The plus-fours, plus-sixes and plus-eights of course, were worn by golf stars such as Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, who topped them with colorful Fair Isle sweaters (multi-colored, multi-pattern sweater styles that originated in Scotland). "Plus" pants are categorized by how far the pants fell below the knee before being secured around the leg area. As tennis grew in popularity, the white trousers and V-neck sweaters the players wore informed much of what young men wore around town.

These illustrations really do illustrate the striking shape of good 30s tailoring. A sharp cut, hourglass waist and structured shoulder.

This photo essay of young men in mid-sixties Watts reminds me of the Mods in working class Britain. Trying to rise above their circumstances via fashion and style.

Positeeve Young, Hoodboyz Konrad Corduroy Back Men Bag Beige, Vintage Converse