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Disc Golf blogs

Disc golf blogs that cover a wide variety topics. Blogs by Explore Disc Golf and many others!

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While Nikko Locastro is busy raking up tournament victories and putting on clinics through Non Stop Disc Golf, he still maintains a terrific blog that brings you inside the world of one of the top touring professionals.

The fellas at Non Stop Disc Golf, while constantly playing in tournaments and hosting events in their travels, try their best to keep fresh content coming from the road life of four of the world's top disc golfers. Non Stop Disc Golf Tour is comprised of David Feldberg, Cale Leiviska, Nikko Locastro, and Will Schusterick.

Terry Miller, aka The Disc Golf Guy (www.thediscgolfguy), is a terrific source of information for disc golf enthusiasts that are looking for up to the minute blogging from the tournament scene. Check out his VLOGs and keep up with Terry wherever he goes!

Here's another great blog by Rattling Chains, entitled "What's a 9-hole Course Worth to You?" A great debate article, and well written, like always from these constant disc golf bloggers.

Killer B Disc Golf's blog is a great blog to tune into for tournament reviews and constant happenings at the shop. The Augusta, GA-based store is known to hold their fair share of tournaments, and is a constantly blogging fixture on the professional tournament scene. Keep an eye on these guys and their constant blogging content. #discgolf #killerbdiscgolf

Bachnein Disc Golf, a Vermont-based disc golf apparel and merchandise brand that is a great source of information in the Northeast. Constantly updating their point series, uploading videos to their YouTube account or posting on their blog --- these guys always have relevant information to the Northeast disc golf community.

DG Squared is always good for disc golf information --- be it new courses in the area, product reviews or pro tour updates. Keep an eye on this website and stay up to date on everything disc golf! is a wonderful spot to catch up on anything and everything disc golf. They are constantly sharing blog posts, reviews, polls and more so check them out next time you want your disc golf information fix.

Disc Golf Traveler also provides the disc golf community with a wealth of information --- from course and product reviews to DIY basket construction.

Rattling Chains is a great source of disc golf information --- from polls and tutorials to blogs by one of the best disc golfers in the world (Avery Jenkins), this a great place to stop in for fresh disc golf content.

The 17th's "postage stamp" green at Walnut Creek Disc Golf in Charlottesville, VA is compounded by the steep elevation change, heavy woodline and adjacent pond. The blog post can be found at: www.explorediscgo...