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Ezra Solidum

Ezra Solidum

Chase that dream.

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follow your heart and happiness will follow

  • Janie Cornett

    Something amazing must be about to happen....I'm fresh out of hope

  • Rosie Marie Solis

    Lol, right!^ I wad just about to say...just give up then of that's when the magic starts.

  • Ember crispell

    I pray this is true. I'm all out of hope myself.

  • Simplicity~LiveLaughLove

    I hear you! I am about to give up too. I have been praying for a long time and just waiting. NOTHING! So I sincerely hope that something is about to happen, because I am ready to give up and move on.

  • Ember crispell

    All I know is I can't wait and see what happens. I have to make a choice. I pray that something happens to make it right. I can't hold on anymore. I'm so ready to give up

Young literary heroines have a lot to teach us. Can we take a minute to talk about where Alice's eyebrow went? Like, seriously.

Those abs