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MERMAID QUILT FABRIC BLOCKS MERMAIDS Mermaid-mermaids fabric blocks pictured here are for sale on my website. The images used on my rare, unique fabric blocks are from vintage mermaid postcards, vintage mermaid book illustrations, and vintage mermaid advertisements.

Bold Unique Mermaid Fabric Block Steampunk by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99 www.vintagemermai...

Vintage Bombshell Mermaid Fabric Block Print by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99 www.mermaidfabric...

Gorgeous Shabby & Chic Mermaid Fabric Art by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Victorian Merbaby Baby Quilt Mother Mermaid Applique Quilting Panel by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99 www.mermaidfabric...

Craft Fabric Block Mermaid in the Lake Moon Maiden Mermaid Quilting Quilts by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99 and www.mermaidfabric...

Victorian Vintage Mermaid Swimming With by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Sunset Mermaid Altered Art Fabric Block Print by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Craft Fabric Square Mermaid Family Fat by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Pinup Girl Mermaid Quilts Applique Mermaid by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Antique Edwardian Mermaid Quilt Block Fat by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Art Nouveau Mermaid Quilt Block Quilting by mermaidfabricshop, $6.99

Beautiful Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block Print by QUILTFABRICBLOCKS, $6.99

CS94 VIctorian Mermaid Fabric Block Merbaby Quilt by fabricblocks, $6.99

Victorian Art Nouveau Mermaid Fabric Print by fabricblocks on Etsy, $6.99

Victorian Mermaid Quilt Block Marie Antoinette Shoe DIY Arts Crafts Cotton Fabric by QUILTFABRICBLOCKS on Etsy, $6.99

Vintage Victorian Mermaid Cotton Print Mermaid by fabricblocks, $6.00

Vintage Mermaid Quilting Applique Waterfall by QUILTFABRICBLOCKS, $6.00

CS57 Edwardian Mermaids Fabric Block Vintage by fabricblocks, $6.00