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Birthday Traditions & Surprises

A collection of traditions I'd like to start for my family. Or inspirations for special surprises to do for them to make their day even more speical.

What an awesome idea! she had loved ones far away who were trying to help her feel their love by "texting me all day (30 in total) with their favorite memories of me, sending me videos of the whole family singing happy birthday, and shipping an awesome birthday present full of 30 things that they love about me."

Hello, My name is... Kimberly: KIMBIRTHDEY (the big 3-0)

Special Birthday Breakfast A special pancake (or waffle, french toast etc) breakfast is a treat someon can look forward to on their special day. theme the pancakes to the likes of the birthday person. Think strawberries for the berry loving dad, apple cinnamon for mom, and sprinkles for a little kid. Don't forget the candle!

Birthday Traditions for Kids ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Sixty Years Of Memories | Nothing But Bonfires "I started batting around an idea: what if I could get everyone from my dad's past to contribute a memory they had of him? What if I had all those people send their memories to me, and then I put each one into an envelope---sixty total, of course---and had him open them, one by one, on his birthday?"

Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories

Original Pinner: I have to say, in all false humility, I have put a fab new spin on a pinata. Single balloons filled with confetti and a few toys and candies. Each child chose one to pop with a pin. Each time was a surprise, and we avoided the crotch-seeking sticks and the cranium-crushing, dog-piles of children diving in at once to retrieve prizes. The balloons didn't always pop on the first try, so when one eventually did, it was followed by squeals of surprise and a shower of confetti.

Birthday Lunch! I would have DIED if I got something like this as a kid.

Love this idea as a birthday surprise. Could be adapted to other things too- like dollar bills for kids birthdays or sweet love messages

Celebrating Half Birthdays: A Simple Tradition. A great idea b/c it's usually a surprise- every kid knows when their bday is, but forget about their half bday.

Celebrating Half Birthdays: A Simple Tradition - Steady Mom

12 Day of Birthday Gift Idea "giving him twelve small gifts, sort of like the twelve days of Christmas. He’ll open a present a day for twelve days." Could choose 11 small, but personal gifts and one bigger one. send one daily leading up to bday. deliver final big gift on actual bday. Also do themes- she has a few ideas in her post.

Streamer Tradition "When you wake up on your birthday, the room is always decorated with streamers in your favorite colors. You can either request up to 3 colors in advance or we surprise you We then all eat your favorite breakfast on cute paper plates in your favorite theme."

I bet the boys would love this! "I also wrote to a site called for addresses of stars/writers/TV personalities, enclosing addressed and stamped birthday cards, asking them to send them to my mother. So far, she has gotten five and is getting a real kick out of them. She knows that they probably weren't "signed" by the stars themselves, but what a conversation piece! And it really didn't cost that much."

From Dollar Stretcher "send out letters (1 for each yr) with a balloon to friends & family. ask them to blow up the balloon, write a birthday greeting in perm marker on balloon and sign it, put $1 in deflated balloon, and mail/bring it back by a certain date. put all balloons in box & wrap it with note & straight pin. Bday boy has to blow up each balloon to read the msg & then pop it with pin to get money."

This could be a good idea for kids when their birthdays don't fall anywhere near their party dates. "Every year the birthday person is awoken by bringing him a cupcake with a lit number candle while singing Happy Birthday. For double digits, two cupcakes and two candles are used. Other family members who are not home for their birthdays get a midnight phone call and serenade.: