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I Love Disney

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Disney, Rapunzel

11 Times Rapunzel Made You Wish You Were Rapunzel | Oh My Disney

Whoever made this is my new favorite person in the world!

High School Musical gave me unrealistic expectations

High School Musical Faces

I LOVE THIS- So when Santino auditioned for Hans he sang this song and Tumblr user WillowWaves94 took the chance to storyboard it as if Hans were singing it at Elsa's coronation and Anna was embarrassed by the whole thing. Oh my goodness. This is priceless.

WillowWaves94 : I have been wanting to draw some kind of funny...

Are you ready?

Elsa + broken promises- Oh Elsa....

Oh my heavens. I would see this Frozen

  • Olivia Behm

    Don't let her in... Don't let her see... Be the monster you always have to be.

Queen Elsa

Princess Timeline

Princess Timeline by captainashletART on deviantART

Tangled Dreams about Flying

Tangled Dreams about Flying by MaGeXP on deviantART

Stan Lee in the Princess Diaries 2

The one time I agree with Ratcliff

Not the Disney You're Looking For


9GAG - Why So Serious?

And even though the blonde streak was gone, Anna's head injury never did quite heal.

Pocket Princesses 121: Fall

The entire movie of frozen in one gif

Bet you can't gif the entire Frozen.

Pocahontas/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover- This is the best thing ever

Pocket Princesses 120: Scotland for Nay.

Disney Magic…

Disney Magic… | B for Bel

This pic has more beef than a burger joint