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Epic Pinterest Fails

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Vegan Corndog Pinterest Fail!

Marbled Easter eggs - Epic Pinterest Fail!

Marbled Egg Disaster

Frozen Banana - Epic Pinterest Fail - EpicPinterestFail...

Bluth Banana Fail

Cake made out of Peeps ... gone horribly wrong!

Peep Cake Pinterest Fail

Wedding Cake Fail

Ultimate video hair tutorial FAIL! So funny ... click to watch the video.

Video Hair Tutorial Fail

Red Velvet Cookie Fail - EpicPinterestFail...

Grilled banana boat ... FAIL!

Grilled Banana Boat Fail

Water Marble Nails - Epic Pinterest Fail!

Water Marble Nail Fail pt. 2
  • inger إنغر

    Tape around the nail... then this wouldn't happen :D

  • Tammy Morris

    Um, the original picture doesn't show any finger dipping into the nail polish

  • Brittany White

    its real hard to completely cover the skin with tape when you cant get every edge. esp behind the nail. ive tried this multiple times and it always makes a mess and wastes my pollish.

  • inger إنغر

    a friend and I water marbled our nails for a chem project and had no problem.

  • Brittany White

    Im in a part of the south that has a bad problem with chemicals in our tap water. that could be a factor as well

Apple pie baked inside of an apple - Epic Pinterest Fail!

Apple Pie Baked in the Apple Fail

"Blood" chocolate fondue fountain - Epic Pinterest Fail

Failed attempt at candy corn-filled cupcakes

Whoops! Christmas ornament wreath fail.

Melted candy corn wreath - Epic Pinterest Fail!

Candy Corn Wreath Fail

Collection of funny Halloween costumes for babies and children.

The Most Hilarious Kids Costumes We've Seen on Pinterest

Sugar cookie and almonds, spooky witch finger cookie fail - Not quite shaped like fingers! Epic Pinterest Fail.

  • Mz Pepper

    I have made these before(15years ago or more) and mine came out pretty good lol Helps if you follow a recipe lol I never thought to use cinnamon as dirty shading though

Pinterest Fail: blueberry yogurt bites

A wooden spoon does NOT prevent your pot from boiling over. Or at least that's what one of our readers discovered. See more fails at EpicPinterestFail...

A gallery collection of the best "trashy" or redneck Pinterest pins. Pretty funny (and full of FAIL).

White Trash Pin Party!

This is a cool photo, but what if you tried to re-create it? See the failed attempt at EpicPinterestFail....

Found Fail: Hair Flip Photo Flop

LOL - Mom attempts to re-create a Pinterest photo. The baby is a little queasy with excitement!

Found Fail: Family Photo

The best collection of weirdest pregnancy photos ever. WTH?

These yard eggs look deceptively easy to do. I doubt it!

Epic Pinterest Fail! Red, White, and Blue Drink

Found Fail: Red, White and Blue Drink
  • Lacey McDermott

    The key to this one is the ice. I did this & it WORKED, You have to use ALOT of ice.