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Inspiration & Magic Making

There's magic in this...Fancy - Miniature Worlds by Takanori Aiba

40+ runway models - Google Search

red dress, in a wild way

bollywood jeweled sandals - and everything else... Can I have an excuse to dress up like this?

Zoe Jakes tribal fusion bellydance

tribal belly dancing - cute sketch...

Tribal belly dance costuming - another great reason to dance!

Bioluminescent bloom makes beach a magical minefield (via NewScientist)

Jules-Auguste Habert-Dys decorative alphabet - Google Search

I want the costumer to be MY wardrobe specialist - hee hee! Snow White and the huntsman 2012

The original Fairen Del, who, at 7, is showing she will be a better magic-maker than I can ever be...

Did this fall from Heaven?

Can I be Indian for a day? I would love to be allowed to have this cake!

What an amazing Cake!!!

This is a cake???? Wooowwww...

Hydrangea Cupcakes - I need these in my garden :D

Mendhi-henna inspired cake - how could you possibly EAT this??

I...don't...even know where to begin...too much of the amazing!