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Country grown and raised!:-) I have my own lil farm now that I Enjoy. I have Alpacas, Dairy Goats, Sebastopol Geese, Chickens -SQ Silkies and My Favorite Guard

UPcycle wood scraps & tree trimmings into a Unique Chair!:-)

Children's Fun could always break spaghetti in half & have spaghetti only hang out one side of hotdog & make *Squid-dogs*!:-)

  • Candace Fonzi

    This makes pin me cringe.. Just beware this is a huge choking hazard for any child under 5 or 6. Hot dogs are one of the most common choking hazards with children when cut this way!

  • Candace Fonzi

    *this pin makes me

REcycle a tire or more than one tire, (stack them, maybe wrapping together) with fabraic into an outdoor Ottoman!:-)

REcycle a pie tin & candle stick into a Cake Plate!:-)

UPcycle a bottle into a Bag Top Closure!:-)

UPcycle a wine glass & shade into a Quick Lantern!:-)

REcycle some scrap wood into a creative Book Shelf!:-)

UPcycle some yarn into Chair Leg Covers!:-)

REcycle old boots into Birdhouses!:-)

REcycle buttons into a Necklace...Great for Kids Craft!:-)

UPcycle a few leather belts onto a large can...then put a Potted Plant or Vase inside for Table Decoration!:-)

UPcycle plastic spoons & a bottle into a Lamp Shade!:-)

UPcycle some silverware & a plate into Decorative Mirror Trim!;-)

Slowly add more water till the eggs are covered, giving the Easter Eggs Stripes!:-)

UPcycle legos into a Key Holder!:-)

UPcycle some dominos into Clock Numbers!:-)

UPcycle some rubber bands into making Striped Easter Eggs!:-)

UPcycle empty bottles into an Ottoman Footstool!:-)

UPcycle an empty can into a Decorative Planter or Tea Light Candle Holder!:-)

REcycle a empty canning jar & some sand paper into a Match Caddy!:-)

REcycle a tire & a few other supplies to a Child Toy!:-)