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Bible Study

Bible study resources for all levels and types of seekers.

"The God of all compassion knows your complicated situation as well as your aching heart, and He is at work in both for your good." {Beth Moore}

"Where can we go from God’s presence? There is not a corner of this big world where He is not present. Because God is always present, we are never alone." ~O.S. Hawkins | ‪#‎TheJesusCode

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. - 1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV) #love #patience #kind

What does it look like when God weans us? Maybe more importantly, what does it feel like? When we feel God withholding, pulling back, or staying silent, we are tempted to cry out, “You don’t love me!” In fact, just the opposite may be true.... ~Laurie Short #FindingFaith

" We’re not even consistent at keeping the rules we set for ourselves, let alone keeping God’s rules....The truth is, when it comes to sin, we’re all sick..." Continue Reading:

Follow Jesus | FaithGateway

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Examples of Abraham's Faith in Scripture... Love the beautiful graphics in the Quickview Bible!

Anyone who possesses spiritual humility will take an uncompromising stand against anything that doesn’t glorify Him. ~Jim Grassi

Character: Can the Devil Make Me Do It?

Faith has its primary impact on the heart of the believer. ~John MacArthur

Pharisees, Hypocrites, and Us

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Light of the World, Your broken creation, marred by the fall, is full of trouble. Someday You will come and make all things new, but until that day there will be times when the road before me is marked with pain and suffering, accusations and judgment. What joy it brings my soul to know that my suffering need not be in vain because of Your cross. Forever shine in me. Amen. ~ Sherri Gragg, "Arms Open Wide"

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith? - FaithGateway

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith? - FaithGateway

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

"Redonkulous faith can be as tiny as a mustard seed, but it’s as powerful as a mighty wind. It trusts that God is our defender, deliverer & provider. Actions like forgiveness & kindness & obedience flow naturally from redonkulous faith... Apparently, the size of your faith is less important than its quality & what you’re doing with it." ~Korie Robertson #FaithCommander #DuckDynasty

"Painful experiences aren’t evidence that there is no God, or that God isn’t powerful or wise or good enough to make life go well. He has purposes in your suffering that we can only guess at. One of those purposes is to help your faith grow." -Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard in "Faith Commander" #FaithCommander #DuckDynasty #Faith #Jesus #Parables #BibleStudy #HappyHappyHappy

Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

Followers of Jesus refuse to follow at a distance; if you’re not moving closer, you’re moving away. ~Robert Crosby

The Rings of the Lord

"Lord, give me the wisdom to recognize the comforts that constrain my desire to follow You. Help me seek above all else the things You would have me do in my life. Help me identify the yes opportunities You are putting in my path. Amen." ~Shelene Bryan, "Love, Skip, Jump: Start Living the Adventure of Yes!"

Love, Skip, Jump: Start Living the Adventure of Yes

"Fresh strength. Renewed vigor. Legs that don’t grow weary. Delight yourself in God, and He will bring rest to your soul." ~Max Lucado

Good Days. Bad Days. God Is In All the Days.

"Lord, draw me nearer to the scratched situations in my life, the scarred places. Get me close enough to You to see the beauty in them." ~ Ann Voskamp Have you examined closely the ugly things in your life looking for God’s grace and beauty? Have you discovered in the ugly His beautiful gifts of grace? Come join the conversation on our blog! We would love to hear about the ugly beautiful in your life! ~ Devotionals Daily

Ugly Grace - FaithGateway

Your eternal destiny rests on the well-being of your soul — and only God can heal the soul. ~John Ortberg in "Soul Keeping: What Is The Soul?"

Soul Keeping: What Is The Soul?

"People can help us but they can’t heal us. People can lift us but they can’t carry us. On occasion people can pull us out of a pit, but they cannot keep us out. Nor can they set our feet upon a rock. When we come out of a pit, if our idea of stability is standing on another human’s shoulders, his clay feet will inevitably crumble and we’ll take a tumble. The job’s too big for him. Only God can hang with us through the length and depth of our need. And the length and depth of our baloney." ~Beth Moore

Getting Out of Your Pit

Great article and discussion about workplace evangelism...

Workplace Evangelism: “Wise” or “Wimpy”?